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Have you ever encountered a food that made you go, “No way, I’m not eating that!”? We all have our list of culinary nemeses. From a particular texture that makes us cringe to a distinct flavor that just doesn’t sit right, the world of food can sometimes divide us as much as it unites.

But remember, even the most hated foods have their secret admirers and, often, surprising health benefits. So, whether you’re a passionate food lover looking to challenge your taste buds or simply curious about the food preferences of others, keep reading! We’re about to embark on a fascinating journey into the world of the ten foods everyone loves to hate. Let’s dive in!

1) Brussels Sprouts

Healthy Organic Green Brussel Sprouts in a Bowl
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Many a holiday dinner has been met with groans at the sight of Brussels sprouts. These mini cabbages, originating from Brussels, Belgium, often spark culinary controversy. Why Do People Hate Them? Their infamous reputation stems from their inherent bitter taste and unpleasant smell when overcooked, not to mention a squishy texture that can unsettle those who prefer their veggies with a crunch.

2) Black Licorice

Licorice sticks on white background.
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Love it or loathe it, black licorice has been a candy staple for generations. With its distinct color and unique taste, it’s one of those treats that leaves a strong impression. Why Do People Hate It? The hate for black licorice often boils down to its unique anise flavor. This strong, somewhat medicinal taste is far from the sweet profile most expect from candy, leading many to develop a distaste for it.

3) Tofu

Baked marinated tofu with herbs and spices
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A staple in East Asian cuisine, tofu has found its way into diets around the world, often promoted as a healthy and versatile protein source. Why Do People Hate It? Some people don’t like tofu because it tastes plain and can be soft or spongy. It’s easy to change the taste with seasoning or sauces, but it still might not be exciting enough for some.

4) Candy Corn

candy corn
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Synonymous with Halloween, candy corn has a love-it-or-hate-it reputation that divides sweet tooths across the nation. Why Do People Hate It? Critics often point to its overly sweet, somewhat artificial taste as the main reason for their aversion. Plus, its waxy texture isn’t everyone’s idea of a delightful candy experience.

5) Liver

Raw chicken liver for cooking
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Often showing up on “most hated” food lists, liver has a reputation that precedes it. Though a part of many traditional dishes, it’s frequently met with wrinkled noses. Why Do People Hate It? A big reason for the disdain is its strong, gamey flavor that can be overpowering. Plus, the creamy, soft texture of cooked liver is not to everyone’s liking.

6) Oysters

fresh French appetizer oysters on ice with lemon, for gourmets
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Considered a delicacy in many cultures, oysters are notorious for their slimy texture and unique, sea-salty taste. Why Do People Hate Them? For many, it’s the slippery texture and the raw consumption that are off-putting. Some also find their flavor, often described as ‘the taste of the sea,’ to be too intense or unusual.

7) Okra

Fresh okra in white dish on wooden table. Green roselle on white background. Fresh gumbo in basket.  Space for text. Organic Okra or green roselle in white plate isolated on wooden background
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A staple in Southern and Indian cuisine, okra is a green vegetable that elicits strong reactions. Why Do People Hate It? It’s infamous for its slimy texture when cooked, which can turn many people off. Its unique taste, which some people find to be quite bland, also contributes to its unpopularity.

8) Blue Cheese

Tasty blue cheese with tomato, olives and basil, on wooden table
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A fixture on cheese platters, blue cheese is well-known for its strong flavor and distinct veiny appearance. Why Do People Hate It? Its strong, pungent aroma and sharp, salty taste can be off-putting to many. The blue veins, which are actually mold, also contribute to its divisive nature.

9) Olives

Extra virgin healthy Olive oil with fresh olives on rustic wooden background
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Olives are a food that you can find in Mediterranean cooking. You can add them to salads, pizzas, and appetizer plates. Why Do People Hate Them? People either really like olives or don’t like them because they taste salty and bitter. The type of olive and how it is cooked can change the flavor, but it is usually still quite bitter.

10) Beets

raw beets on a blue background
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Boasting a rich, vibrant color, beets are root vegetables that are just as likely to be found in a gourmet salad as they are in a home-cooked borscht. Why Do People Hate Them? Their earthy flavor, which some compare to the taste of dirt, coupled with a texture that can become too soft when overcooked, make beets a target for culinary dislike.


We have looked at many different types of food that people do not usually like. But each one still has good nutrition. Everyone’s taste is different, so try something new. You never know, you might find a food that you really like!

Hi, I’m Karen Kelly a certified health coach, freelance food and travel writer, and blogger. At Seasonal Cravings, you will find delicious recipes and fun travel ideas.

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