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Are you one of those people who believe they are green and eco-friendly in everything they do? Maybe you are, but most people who think they are being green are not quite as green as they think. Here are some things to know about why your eco-friendly habits aren’t as green as you think. 

Assuming Recycling Is Being Done Correctly 

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It’s not bad that you recycle, but not all areas of the world are handling recycling properly. When you have the chance to reuse or use products that don’t need to be recycled and can instead be used completely with no waste, take those opportunities. 

Biodegradable Products May Not Be What You Think 

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Biodegradable products will break down, but it doesn’t always happen harmlessly, and it certainly doesn’t happen quickly. Think about environmental conditions when looking at biodegradable products. 

Paper Product Overuse 

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Paper can be better than plastic, but there are problems with the overuse of paper products as well. Deforestation is a major problem that is ignored and overlooked if you are too focused on staying away from plastics. 

Eco-Friendly Single-Use Products 

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Eco-friendly and single-use shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. Eco-friendly products are important, but at least try to use them more than once. 

Online Shopping and the Carbon Footprint 

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The problem with online shopping is the impact of shipping and packaging. The number of online shoppers continues to increase, and this is not always best for the environment. 

Blindly Buying Eco-Friendly Vehicles 

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Let’s face it: no vehicle is truly eco-friendly. However, if you purchase a hybrid or electric car, consider the total environmental impact, as well as the production and longevity. 

Energy Efficient Appliances Still Need To Be Used Properly 

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Energy efficiency in appliances is a nice benefit. However, if you are not using the products efficiently, they will consume unnecessary energy. Cook multiple things at once, use the proper temperature, and turn off all appliances when not in use. 

Overconsumption of Water

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You may think you are eco-friendly by planting a garden or cleaning naturally, but you still consume water even with these green practices. Think about water collection possibilities to help reduce your overall water consumption. 

Choosing Organic Over Local 

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Some people are very stuck on organic produce when local produce can be better for the environment. Local produce will eliminate emissions from transportation and can be better for the environment. 

Replacing Tech Gadgets 

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Even if technology claims to be eco-friendly, you don’t need to replace your tech gadgets frequently. Hold onto these things a little longer, and you do more for the environment. 

Forgetting to Compost 

Composting the Kitchen Waste
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Even if you are recycling and doing all the green things you can, chances are you are missing out on a big opportunity with composting. Composting biodegradable materials will keep them out of landfills and make it easier to have the high-quality soil you need for your yard and home. 

Too Much Energy Use In Eco-Friendly Home 

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Even though your home is eco-friendly, you still need to reduce your energy usage. High energy use is a problem that will make you less green than you thought. 

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