4 Simple Exercises to Stay Fit

Everybody wants to stay fit at home while working. But few people can’t go to the gym for many reasons. Either they can’t afford memberships or they don’t have time from their busy lives. You need not worry about fitness.

There are four simple exercises to increase fitness in regular routine life. It doesn’t cost much money and efforts to start a plan for a workout schedule at home. Nowadays, Gym accessories are easily available in the market or online shopping websites. Such as dumbbells, fit-balls, barbells, and stretch bands. You just need to set a workout routine to stay fit at home.

simple exercises to stay fit

Many fitness types of research say” you don’t need to join the gym to putt some muscles on your body”. It just needs a mental ability to believe that you can achieve your goal. Because the body follows what the mind says. you don’t need machines or treadmills to build muscles or burn calories.

All you can do is running around your home or can do crunches, push-ups, chin-ups. It activates your muscles and helps to put some serious muscle mass. Also, These exercises help to warm up your group of muscles.

Few Simple Exercises to Stay Fit:

1. Walk

You can do a walk or slow pace running at home garden or somewhere in the city garden. Do it twice a day for at least 30 mins. Because when we start working out, the very first 15 mins body burns the sugar and after 15 mins the body starts burning fat cells.

2. Aerobic or cardiovascular

You can watch some online videos on aerobic exercises. It is easily available nowadays. You can even dance on your favorite songs to burn more calories. Do whatever makes your heart rate up. The above 120 heartbeats per minute is a cardio state.

3. Strength Training

Everything is easily available in today’s world. You can purchase some weights for strength training at home. If you can not afford it then you can simply do push-ups and chin-ups and abdominal crunches. Do every exercise in complete sets. The most preferred set rate is 4×12 format.

4. Stretching

Stretching helps your muscles to be flexible. Flexible muscle boosts up faster and grows faster. It also helps to relieve pain from stiff muscles. And improve the overall health of joints and muscle tissues. You can also do some yoga exercises.

Design your Own Workout Plan of Simple Exercises to be Healthy or Fit:

It’s you have to decide your own workout type. There are so many ways to stay healthy at home. No gym required for strength and muscle and cardio workout. You can repeat the schedule 3-4 times a week. If you have no idea about all the exercises, I prefer youtube videos from some expert fitness guides.

A beginner can start with 30 mins cardio at least and 20-25 mins strength training 3-4 times a week. It doesn’t matter what exercises you do, increase the time duration for a workout. Try to do Compound exercises like squats, push-ups, chin-ups bench press(dumbbell, barbell) in which more than one muscle group works together.

For example, Push-ups activate your chest ( primary ) and triceps, shoulders (secondary). Pull-ups and chin-ups activate your Back (primary) and Biceps (secondary). Even you can do squats 40-50 Reps per set X 4 times.

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All you can see how easy to be healthy at home by doing some common exercises. All these compound exercises get you in shape because it is a combination of more than one muscle group workout.

It’s more important to stay motivated. because 10 out of 100 people reach their goals. Working out at home is easy as well as difficult. There are a lot of things that can distract you from your workout.

The best way to keep all this away is morning workout sessions. Wake up earlier and finish your workout. Working out in the morning also beneficial for our body because our body is more adaptable and fresh in the morning. Hormones’ level also increases with a morning workout.

These simple exercises to stay fit will be helpful for your future body goals.

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