A Workout And Diet Tips of Guru Mann

Today we are going to discuss diet (veg and non-veg protein) and exercises secrets of Guru Mann. In an interview, Guru Mann shared his daily routine workout plan and diet plan. He talked about a different type of protein food sources ( veg and non-veg) and supplements. Guru Mann is a Fitness Model and social media influencer.

He also started a healthy India program which influences the new generation towards the fitness industry. He has a variety of diet programs according to body goals. We will also highlight his a few workouts and diet tips.

We are discussing his a workout and Diet tips of Guru Mann:

He always changes his routine not to get bored with healthy diets.

1. Breakfast

In this meal, you can have goods carbs rich food. This meal is very important for our body because we wake up after 8 or 9 hours of fasting. It should be a well-balanced protein and carbohydrates diet. Such as Whey Protein Smoothie, Quacker Rolled Oats, Quinoa, Hard-Boiled Eggs or Egg Whites omelet.

2. Snack

In snacks, you can have an apple or greek yogurt. You can also eat a peanut butter sandwich with a pinch of cinnamon powder or pumpkin seeds or multigrain seeds.

3. Lunch

In this meal, you can eat rice with baked sweet potato or potato, chicken, paneer, tofu, and fish. you can eat any of the protein sources depend on your taste.

4. Evening Snacks

You can have a whey protein shake or an apple or Oats mixed with whey protein and nuts.

5. Meal before workout or Pre-workout

you have two options here in the pre-workout meal. either you drink pre-workout supplements or eat food such as banana, apple, boiled eggs.

6. After Workout meal or Post-workout

you must consume Protein shake in 15 mins and eat 2 bananas or eggs at least after 30 mins.

7. Dinner

you can eat the same meal as lunch or choose different protein sources.

8. 2 hours Before Sleep

1 tbsp peanut butter with 2 slices brown bread.

9. 30 mins Before Sleep

Drink a glass of milk.

Four different types of protein which we can use in our meals:

These are four types of protein-rich foods.

  1. Milk Protein ( Milk, Paneer, Yogurt)
  2. Animal Protein ( Chicken, Beef, Pork)
  3. Seafood ( Fish, Shrimps)
  4. Plant Protein ( Beans, Green Peas, Vegetables, Legumes and Grains)

These protein sources have so many different types of amino acids that our body needs them to grow muscles.

Vegetarian people have problems with their diet plans because they have to eat a lot to fulfill their requirements. Many people think legumes are the primary source of protein but they are wrong. Because legumes are a secondary source of protein and primary is carbs.

So adding protein supplements with a veg diet plan is a good combination to complete intake of protein.

guru mann nutrition products

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People make three mistakes in Diet Plans:

We have three things in excess such as salt, oil, and sugar. These three things are dangerous for our health if we consume them in excess. Because oily food makes you fat easily and increase the risk of a heart attack due to High Bad cholesterol.

On the other hand, the salt increases the blood pressure which makes our blood vessels weak. Sugar also creates many problems such as Fat storage due to high calories and Diabetes disease.

Follow your Diet Plan and Count on Your Macros:

You should make your diet plan after calculating macronutrients. I eat carbs in the morning because carbs are a good option to fuel the body. The carbs make people fat quickly. So I suggest not to eat carbs after lunch. Because Protein and Fat can be consumed at any time in a day.

For Example, you need 2000 calories a day, 30 % of 2000 calories mean 600 calories should be consumed from the protein itself. One gram of protein has 4 calories. 600 divided by 4 is equal to 150 g of protein per day. This Process is called A Calorie Deficit.

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How important is it to change the Fitness Routine?

You should keep changing the routine or exercises or weight capacity every week or in 4 weeks. Because if keep lifting the same weight in the same way continuously for months, you will not make any progress in your body. This situation is called Plateau. So It is very much important to keep changing the exercise routine for continuous growth in the muscles.

Biggest Myths on Weight Loss

People quit on food every time whenever we start the weight loss program. But the truth is something different. You lose weight whenever we cut off the extra calories in our diet plans. As we already discussed three things sugar, salt, and oil. We just need to focus on a healthy diet and fiber-rich foods.

A Workout and Diet Tips of Guru Mann

workout and diet tips of guru mann

These tips are very helpful for those people who want to stay fit. It does not matter what age group is following it. We should eat in a small portion after calculating macronutrients. But consume at least 5 or 6 numbers of meals every 3 hours.

Try to avoid carbs after lunch and fat at dinner or before bed. Because fat has almost 2.5 more calories per gram than protein and carb. So choose wisely when you make your diet plan. Exercise plays a very important role to stay fit.

I suggest doing 3 days full High-Intensity Cardio workout and 3 days of weight training. Because this way you can build up muscles and also lose fat easily. You can also just do 3 days workout or 3 to 7 hours of cardio exercises per week such as swimming, cycling, climbing and running. So, These are an important workout and diet tips of Guru Mann.

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