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Fans of Abang Recipes will know it as a great family restaurant that’s famous for its Zi Char dishes and its seafood. It’s located in Sembawang (asyik North side ajerrrr) and is probably on the list for a lot as a hidden gem of sorts. This Ramadan, they’ve come up with a new and extra special dish that’s perfect for that next family feast – the Abang Ramadan Pot!

I know that ‘Shell-Out’ has been all the rage these past few years with ‘Hot Pot’ coming in a close 2nd place. But… what if we combined those two? Well, Abang Recipes has done just that with the Ramadan Pot!

The Ramadan Pot is pretty much packed with everything you need for a hearty feast. It’s suitable for 8-10 pax and has something for everyone whether you’re a meat lover or a seafood fanatic. Premium, fresh ingredients means you’re going to enjoy a great makan experience that’s made even better thanks to the fact that you get to share it.

In the Ramadan Pot, you’ll find a treasure trove including Seabass, Crayfish, Prawns, Squid, Scallops, Atlantic Mussels, Sliced Australian Beef, Baby Potatoes, Sweet Corn and Baby Broccoli. On top of that, you get to choose either a creamy Garlic Butter sauce or a spicy Asam Pedas gravy that’ll kick things up a level or two in terms of the flavour department.

And to top it all off, you get to keep the electric cooker that your feast is served in! A handy appliance that you can plug in to enjoy a bubbling hot pot meal any time 😬

But enough of me explaining.. I’ll just let the photos do the talking!

Sliced Australian Beef
Atlantic Mussels
Baby Potatoes

Check out that steaming pot of bubbling deliciousness! 😍

One thing I definitely found out is that there is definitely A LOT of food in this pot! LOL I am not kidding you. They really mean it when they said it’s suitable for 8-10 pax and there’s really something for everyone. I really enjoyed the fresh seafood especially the Scallops, Crayfish and that awesome fried Seabass. That Squid is actually a giant one by the way (like those Sotong King type) and the prawns are really fresh too.

In terms of the meats, my top choice is definitely the Australian Sliced Beef! Super tender and tasty but it’s sliced so thinly that it’s easy to lose it all around when you mix up the pot… So claim your share first while you can ok! 😝 The Chicken was in drumlet form so it’s good for the kids too. And it’s always important to have a balanced meal so be sure to enjoy some vegetables as well. The baby Broccoli and baby Potatoes are great plus there’s some Sweetcorn hidden underneath all that treasure in the pot. I highly recommend enjoying all this food with some hot white rice to maximum enjoyment!

We went with the Asam Pedas gravy and it definitely has some kick for sure. Spicy and extra shiok because you’re enjoying it hot thanks to the electric cooker. I reckon the creamy Garlic Butter sauce would also be a great choice and would be an awesome combination with the seafood. PRO TIP: I know it’s nice to have it hot-hot shiok-shiok but don’t turn up the cooker too high or else it’ll start splattering ok!

The Abang Ramadan Pot from Abang Recipe is priced at $288 and available for a limited time only. Besides the premium ingredients prepared and served for you, the price also includes the electric cooker (worth $80) which you get to keep and use for future feasts. This would be a great choice for that feast with family and friends. Perhaps for Iftar during upcoming Ramadan? 😁

This super premium dining experience is available to you at Abang Recipes (at Sembawang Shopping Centre), for takeaway or also via delivery to your location. You can visit www.abangrecipes.com or call 65703080 / 82255020 to order or get for more info. Happy feasting!

Faceook: www.facebook.com/abangrecipes
Instagram: www.instagram.com/abang.recipes

Sembawang Shopping Centre #B1-08
604 Sembawang Rd S 758459
Tel: +65 65703080

Operating Hours:
11.30am til 9.30pm DAILY


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