Anti-inflammatory Resistant Starch Fries Premium PD Recipe

Steaming and chilling potatoes transforms regular spuds into a powerhouse prebiotic functional food. In addition to that benefit, this technique also enhances the texture of low-calorie, oil-free, air-fried french fries producing the ultimate prep-ahead potatoes for PD pros and your protective microbes. The Instant Pot “cook and chill” step in making these fridge-handy high-fiber fries strengthens starch fibers allowing them to bypass digestion in the upper GI tract, eliminating spikes in blood sugar, and delivering the resistant starch plant fiber to your lower-level microbes. Fiber-loving microscopic good guys living in the colon then transform the resistant starch into an anti-inflammatory short chain fatty acid called butyrate. In Protective Diet Education, I call this a Butyrate Bath. This bath of inflammation-reducing SCFAs flows throughout your body and brain, eliminating pain and discomfort associated with inflammatory disease. Maintaining a high-fiber, plant-diverse Protective Diet and healthy lifestyle allows you to host protective resident microbes that reverse and prevent disease.

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