Best Vegan Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is soon, and I have some of the best vegan valentine’s day gifts for you!

Maybe you’d like something other than flowers, or the standard dark chocolate bar for your vegan valentine’s day. Perhaps you’d like something unique, yet tested ‘n tried so you can count on it.

These are some of my very favorite products to make the best Valentine’s Day gifts.

And, if you don’t want to wait for someone to gift you, or you aren’t in a luvvy relationship right now, go ahead and pick out a little something for yourself. You deserve it. You especially deserve chocolate, so let’s start there. 😉

5 Best Vegan Valentine’s Day Gifts

  1. Nibble Truffles: I shared these in my Christmas post, and have to share again – because these truly kick off the best vegan Valentine’s Day gifts! I ordered several boxes for the holidays, and they were divine. They are a reasonable price, and you can use this Nibble Chocolate Coupon Code DREENABURTON at checkout for 10% off your order!
Nibble Chocolate Truffles

2. Purity Woods Skincare: I started using this skincare in November, and love it. Not just the quality and pure ingredients – but the EASE of use. You don’t need a line up of products! Just 2-3 essentials and you’re set (I love the retinol night cream, below). Note that not all products are vegan, some have cera alba. I’ve been in discussions with them to elevate their product status to being exclusively vegan. Purity Woods is also endorsed by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

FAQ: Dreena, I thought you used OCosmedics?

As some of you know, I used OCosmedics from AusBeauty for a few years. In my newsletter I promised to explain why I’m no longer promoting OCosmedics, because I did love using the products. I start with saying that I’ve learned some things about my work relationships this past year. Gosh, at 53 you’d think I’d have these things figured out?! But life is learning. What I learned?

I am led too often by my heart and not my head. I’ve operated from a place of wanting to help people and do good, rather than approach from a business perspective. I still think it’s good and right to do what’s good and right! But in the future, I will step back and consider from my head as well as my heart. As an HSP, that isn’t easy to do. One of my new year’s commitments is this: not to discount the value of my work and offerings. Particularly since I have developed this community and my social platforms over 20 years of dedicated, hard work. When I work with companies in the future, it won’t be “for product”. I started this work in the beginnings of blogging, and it’s taken time for me to own it as a business, not just an interest.

With OCosmedics, I received product and didn’t receive affiliate commissions. Truly, I was happy to promote the line as I loved the products, but also because the connection developed into a friendship. In the fall (and coincidentally at the same time I was learning about Purity Woods) OCosmedics stopped working with me. It was a bit of surprise, and I felt sad, as it was delivered in an email. When you lead with your heart, it affects your heart. As I mentioned, this was concomitant to learning about Purity Woods. It seemed to be a natural fit to try the products, so I did.

After using the products for a couple of months I’m very happy. The price point is reasonable, the skincare routine is simple, and the ingredients are excellent (organic and no chemicals). So that’s the story, I want to be open. I am an affiliate with Purity Woods and earn a percentage from referred sales (at no extra cost to you). Thank you for helping to support my work through any of my affiliate work. I don’t affiliate with many brands. The ones I refer are ones I use and love myself. These include Bellicon, Vitamix, Wilderness Poets, Nibble Chocolate, Purity Woods, and lululemon (ohhhh I do love my lulu, too much). Anyhow, I share this with you today to be upfront and also to express that if you are still using OCosmedics and love it – please still love it. I don’t go back on saying that it’s an excellent product.

3. Wilderness Poets: Here’s a healthier, easier, but still very festive Valentine’s Day treat. Pick up some DragonFruit Powder to make these Chocolate Dipped Apples!

All Wilderness Poets products are of exceptional quality, so browse through their products to try out some other items. And, be sure to use Wilderness Poets Coupon Code DREENA10 for 10% off at checkout.

4. Pacifica Tinted Lip Balm: I love these, I’m not an affiliate but the links here are amazon affiliate links. These lip balms are vegan, cruelty-free, and very affordable. I always have one in my purse, my fave color is the guava berry, it gives just a perk of color for me. But many are beautiful and natural shades. They aren’t goopy, and moisturize your lips while giving a touch of color.

5. SOOM Tahini: A new discovery for me, this salted chocolate tahini is just decadently delicious. I’m not an affiliate, and I buy it at Whole Foods in the US. You can find it here on amazon. (In Canada, it’s ridiculously priced on amazon). More in this video!

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration. If you are in the baking mood, try my NEW oil-free lava cakes or my VEGAN TURTLES for Valentine’s! 👇😍 x Dreena

vegan turtles
vegan chocolate lava cakes

This post was originally published in January 2023 and has been updated for February 2024.

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