Better Than Kombucha Premium PD Recipe – Protective Diet

For the love of kombucha I created this tangy, thirst-quenching, fizzy, sugar-free, and alcohol-free alternative. This bubbly beverage has the benefits of probiotics and acetic acid making it a true health tonic to curb our appetites and support metabolism with a microbiome boost. Kombucha is promoted as a health drink because it includes polyphenols from tea and microorganisms that combat oxidative stress. However, in reality, it isn’t the healthiest of beverages because of incomplete fermentation leaving alcohol behind. Kombucha and Homemade Fruit Vinegar go through similar fermentation processes. Though kombucha has added sugar and is bottled before all alcohol converts to vinegar in order to preserve the carbonation. Whereas in vinegar all the alcohol is transformed into acetic acid and the carbonation goes flat. Homemade Fruit Vinegar goes through the same stages as kombucha without added sugar and finishes fermentation without any calories, alcohol, or bubbles. Fruit vinegar is also tangier than kombucha due to its higher acetic acid content. Probiotic-populated raw apple cider vinegar can be purchased and used in this beverage recipe in lieu of homemade. Probiotic rich fruit vinegar’s acetic acid improves metabolism and creates a pH that healthy microbes celebrate. When we serve them what they need to survive, they serve us what we need to thrive. We must work synergistically to protect and feed the good microscopic nature within and around us to maintain our physical and emotional wellness. In Protective Diet Education, with the Microbiome Population Project, we build our biome to serve, protect, and reward us for making healthy choices.

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