Butt Kick Cardio Workout (low-impact, bodyweight workout)

written by Nina Shantel, blog: RealDietHelp.com, published January 23, 2024

In 10-minute butt-kick workout video (at the bottom of this page), you literally try to kick your butt! I’ve added different arm, back and shoulder exercises every 30 seconds to make it even more fun.

It’s cardio, strength and balance all in one-quick workout; no equipment needed.

At the end of the video I give a few weight loss tips that typically surprise people, but work!

As always, go at your level, stop if you feel pain, and pace yourself. All exercise involves risk, but not exercising is dangerous.

Make sure to exercise at least 30 minutes daily to keep muscles strong and in tip-top shape to reduce the risk of falls, pain, tightness, imbalances, muscle loss and osteoporosis.   

Here are the exercises in order in this butt kick workout:


Prances for 20 seconds: lifting and lowering alternating heels

15 calf raises with parallel feet


  1. Hammer curls with butt kicks
  2. butt kicks with hands on hips
  3. rows with butt kicks
  4. hands on pecs with an oblique twist with butt kicks
  5. one hand on hip, other flexed hand taps heel to butt
  6. hands on shoulders with butt kicks
  7. alternating front punches with butt kicks
  8. hands on head with butt kicks
  9. pull-aparts with butt kicks
  10. hands slide down thighs to work the obliques with butt kicks
  11. high pulls with butt kicks
  12. hands on hips with butt kicks
  13. alternating upward punches with butt kicks
  14. hands on hips with butt kicks
  15. triceps extensions with butt kicks
  16. double hammer curls with butt kicks
  17. lateral raises with butt kicks
  18. Calf stretches (+ tips on how to lose excess bodyfat)

Click the red play button on the YouTube video below to join me in this fun butt-kicking workout

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