January 2024- We are currently calling for nominations for new members to our board of directors.

FishWise (FW) works to sustain ocean ecosystems and the people who depend on them by transforming global seafood supply chains. FW is one of the leading global experts on seafood traceability and risk mitigation against illegal and unethical seafood products. For 20 years, we have developed, tested, implemented, and broadcast responsible business practices to improve transparency and responsible management of complex global seafood supply chains. FW serves as a bridge between the private sector, governments, and environmental sustainability, counter-IUU, and social responsibility communities. FW prioritizes best practices, tools, and approaches recommended by diverse experts.

FW works in partnership with Albertsons Companies (2500+ stores), Target Corporation (1900+ stores), and Hy-Vee (250+ stores), along with independent grocery stores and a number of mid-supply chain and producer companies. FW specializes in implementing supply chain due diligence with retailers and major seafood buyers to identify, prevent, and address risks for IUUF and human and labor rights abuses. Using a data-centered approach, FW has engaged over 460 seafood suppliers operating in 50 countries on best practices in supply chain traceability, social and environmental responsibility, ultimately catalyzing market demand for sustainable seafood. For more information on FW, visit our website

We are committed to increasing diversity at our organization and weaving equity into everything we do. Our culture is one of continuous learning. We regularly update our policies and practices to counter systemic barriers to equity and inclusion. We strive to foster an inclusive workplace that’s welcoming and supportive to all. We cannot achieve our desired outcomes without the leadership of individuals who help to set our strategy through their service on the FishWise Board. We are electing four members to serve from February 2024 to December 2027. 

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