Chair Yoga on Exercise Ball (Yoga Ball Workout)

Instead of a chair, I’ve chosen an exercise ball. Using an exercise ball instead of a chair, incorporates the core and provides many more fun options.

This chair yoga inspired workout is performed on a Therapy ball, sometimes referred to as a Swiss ball, exercise ball, balance ball, fitness ball, physio ball, stability ball, or yoga ball.

You accept all risks of injury so go at your level, don’t over-stretch, and stop at the first sign of pain.

During savasana I share simple yogi meals to promote peace and harmony that benefits the body and soul.

Below is a breakdown of the exercises.

Watch the video at the end of this post to do the Exercise Ball Yoga workout with me.

  1. sit on exercise ball. Stretch arms up and overhead
  2. While seated on exercise ball, bring arms up and down while twisting to each side

3. While seated on the ball, lift one foot up off the floor a few inches, balancing. Switch feet.

4. Same exercise as number three, but close eyes, keep hands on waist or thighs, alternating feet for 30 seconds.

5. Cat-cow on exercise ball, arching and rounding back with hands on your thighs.

6. While seated on the exercise ball, with wide feet, forward fold.

7. Stand up and bring the ball with you to the front of the mat. Perform chair pose with the exercise ball.

8. Reverse lunge, knee down, bring ball overhead, bring ball back down to the mat, then repeat on other side.

9. Same exercise as number 8, but lift knee that is on the mat.

10. On your back, with feet close to your butt and knees bent, bring ball onto your stomach, press ball up over your chest, then bring ball backwards and overhead, touching the ball to the mat, while performing bridges

11, On your back, bring ball underneath your calves, while pointing and flexing the feet

12. Bring ball closer to your butt, with flexed feet, heels digging into the top and middle of the exercise ball, lift hips off the ground and lower, performing feet-elevated bridges on the exercise ball.

13. Sit on the ball with goal post arms, bring forearms together to touch (if you can) in front of your face, bring arms back to goal post position, press arms up overhead, repeat exercise.

14. Sit up tall on the ball, bring arms behind your low back, interlace the fingers, performing a pec stretch and seated backbend.

15. Lie down on your back with both knees bent, feet flat on the mat. Bring left foot towards you, keeping that knee bent. With your left hand, try to hold the outside of your left foot (or you can hold your calf), bringing that foot towards you in a half-happy baby pose. Switch sides.

16. Lay down on your mat, bring the exercise ball onto your stomach and bring ball up over your hips, with palms on either side of the ball. With a flexed foot, bring one leg as straight as you can  towards the sky, trying to touch your toes to the ball. Point toes and lower the leg slowly, with control. Repeat with the other leg.

17. child’s pose on exercise ball

18. Put the ball to the side, out of your way. Put your feet as wide as the yoga mat, bring knees to touch, arms either on your belly or on the mat.

19. While on your back stretch legs out wide, externally rotate your feet, bring arms out to your side, relaxing in corpse pose (savasana).

While in savasana, I go over simple yogi meals to promote peace and harmony to the body, soul, the environment, and animals.

Press the red play button below to try this therapeutic Yoga Ball workout:

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