China Leaves Seafood Import Tariffs Unchanged for 2024

China has announced that it will maintain import tariffs on seafood at 2023 levels, with provisional lower rates already in place for 24 products, including salmon, tuna, and shrimp. The majority of seafood imports fall under most-favored-nation tariff rates, according to the State Council Customs Tariff Commission. Exceptions are made for countries with which China has free trade agreements, such as Chile, Iceland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Provisional tariffs on the 24 seafood items have been introduced in previous years to address local supply shortages, and these lower rates will continue in 2024. Additionally, China still imposes additional tariffs on some US seafood imports, excluding fishmeal and lobsters. Products that undergo further processing in China before export also avoid the punitive duties.

The commission has stated that China will uphold tariff reductions and exemptions set out in trade deals with partner countries. It will also maintain zero-tariff access for 43 least developed nations, except for Vanuatu, which the UN recently classified as having graduated from that status.

By Lewis Hu | Jan. 2, 202

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