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It’s Christmas Crunch time!

This time of the year we all tend to be rushing, hustling, and in a frenzy to get things accomplished. During this holiday hustle, it’s the perfect time to ensure you make time for your muscles too. So, I have the perfect solution, with “The Christmas Crunch workout” on your Total Gym. It’s tailor-made for those navigating the seasonal rush!

Whether you’re pressed for time, savoring crunchy delights, or ready to conquer a quick workout, this routine is your go-to. Let’s make the most of the final Christmas crunch time with a workout that’s as enjoyable as it is effective!

The Christmas Crunch Workout: 5 Minutes of Festive Fitness Fun
Dash on over to your Total Gym and couch your core with this seasonal core circuit. The workout is short, targeted, and easy to follow. Let’s get crunching!

• Set Up: low- med level based on current strength
• Accessory: AbCrunch + timer APP

• Directions: At your own controlled pace, perform the following exercises for 1 minute each. Cycle through the circuit until all exercises are complete. Repeat as many rounds as your time permits.

• Total Circuit time: 5 minutes/ round

1. Plank Tucks (Minute 1)
• Start standing with parallel feet at the bottom base facing the glide board.
• Keeping an elongated spine, squat down and place hands onto the sides of the glide board.
• Open the glide board and glide out into a plank, then ride it back into your low crouching squat position and simultaneously tap the forearms to the glide board.
• Repeat this gliding out and in motion in a smooth and controlled manner.

2. Knee Tucks (Minute 2)
• Open the glide board and assume a kneeing position along with the AbCrunch accessory by grabbing the handles and placing forearms on the pads.
• Keeping the shoulders onto of the elbows, tuck the knees in and out while keeping the core always activated.
• Move with control and utilize your breath.

3. Oblique Tucks (Minute 3) (30 secs per side)
• Maintaining the same position as #2 above, swivel the knees and feet to one side to change the working angle into your obliques.
• Perform the same tucking motion in and out slowly with control.
• Perform 30 seconds per side.

4. Knee Hovers (Minute 4) • Maintaining the same position on the AbCrunch as #2 and 3.
• Keep the knees bent toward the elbows and tuck the toes.
• Hover the knees an inch off the glide board while slowing moving it up and down the rails in a small range of motion. (The upper body maintains stillness while the lower body does the movement).
• Modify: just hover! Lift the knees for a moment off the glide board, then return the knees to the glide board and repeat.

5. Bent Knees / Straight Leg Lowers (Minute 5)
• Lie supine on the glide board with the head towards the vertical column.
• Grasp ahold of the sides or top of the glide board and bend knees to chest.
• Engage the core and begin to curl the lower spine off the glide board, hold for a few seconds, then roll the spine back to repeat.
• Advance: extend the legs and perform the same exercise.

Check out the video to learn how the Christmas Crunch exercises are performed on your Total Gym.

As you wrap up your Christmas Crunch workout, remember that the true gift lies in taking time for yourself amidst the holiday chaos. Embrace the joy of movement and let the energy you’ve cultivated carry you through the festivities.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas filled with health, happiness, and the warmth of the season.

Stay Merry, Stay Active, and spread the holiday cheer!
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