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written by Nina Shantel, blog:, published January 16, 2024

Some people believe that bananas cause constipation. Bananas do not cause constipation.

Unripe fruit can cause stomach distress so always eat ripe fruit. Don’t eat under-ripe fruit.

Three bananas have over ten grams of fiber so bananas help with bowel movements.

Humans need fiber from whole foods and lots of water (which acts like a slide, pushing the food out) to prevent constipation.

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Foods that don’t contain fiber cause constipation and this is one reason why processed foods can cause constipation, they are so highly processed that most of the fiber is removed.

If you look up foods in an on-line application, like Cronometer, you can see which foods contain fiber and how much. For instance, sugar has zero fiber. Sugar is a processed food, from sugar cane. The other foods that cause constipation include animal milks and animal protein, which are devoid of fiber.

Animal proteins such as cheese, dairy products, chicken, meat, fish and eggs do not contain any fiber and are all constipating. Dairy is the most constipating food of all since it’s highly processed and the saturated fat, animal protein and artery-clogging cholesterol content is concentrated.

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By avoiding sugar, oils, and animal protein, drinking lots of water, and eating fruit, vegetables and beans, daily, you’ll have no problems with constipation, and can reverse diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain, muscle loss and most autoimmune conditions.

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