DoDo Seafood Treats – Special Ramadan Bundles!

DoDo is a household name that’s familiar to many. They’ve been around for as long as I can remember – in fact, they’re celebrating their 45th anniversary this year! I can still remember enjoying DoDo Seafood Treats products when I was a kid plus who can remember that catchy TV ad jingle 😁

Well, DoDo Seafood Treats has got some special bundle deals for you this Ramadan. They’ve got everything you need to ensure you are stocked up on the good stuff be it for Sahur or Iftar. This includes a bundle set that includes a Thai Mookata Style BBQ Grill! But more on that later because for now I wanna tell you about their Ramadan Special which I enjoyed recently.

So the DoDo Ramadan Special bundle consists of 8 different chilled/frozen products that are perfect for you to stock up on. The Ramadan Special Bundle is priced at $49.90 (U/P $98.90) which is really value for money! Handy for a quick snack for Sahur or add a little extra to your Iftar plans with easy-to-prepare DoDo products.

Chicken Nuggets
Supreme Breaded Shrimp Cutlet
Cheese Tofu Fishcake
Chicken Cheese Balls

I’m starting off with some staples are that simply MUST HAVES in your freezer! Just a quick pop in the fryer or air fryer and you’ve got yourself a handy snacks that’s perfect for everyone!

I don’t think I need to convince you of the awesomeness of Chicken Nuggets. Definitely something the kids will enjoy. Chicken Cheese Balls and Cheese Tofu Fishcake (also good for steamboat/grilling) are also high on my list. This was actually my first time trying the Supreme Breaded Shrimp Cutlet and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! Tasty and I definitely enjoyed the crisp breading that’s best enjoyed hot and shiok 😝

And they’re not in the bundle set but I actually have a few more recommendations for you! DoDo Breaded Fish Fillets and/or Breaded Fish Fingers (basically the Fish Fillets cut into strips) are awesome especially when paired with your Nasi/Mee Goreng. Their Crab Sticks and Sotong Balls are also among my faves!

Mala Chicken Patty

I had tried their Chicken Cutlet patty/cutlet before but this one would be perfect for those looking for a bit more kick in the spice department 🔥 Any fans of Mala here?? The succulent chicken patties are coated in some Mala spices which give you that familiar flavour and a little heat. But don’t worry it’s not as spicy as your actual Mala hotpot ok!

This would be perfect when enjoyed as a burger or sandwich. Add some veggies, mayonnaise and maybe even some cheese and it’s gonna be delicious! Or perhaps can also enjoy with some fries and salad like macam Western Chicken Cutlet!

Spring Roll Cones

Uncle Lim’s Choice Curry Potato Samosa

And last but definitely not least – some snacks that are familiar and definitely at the top of the list for many!

Who can resist a good, crisp, Samosa am I right? That crisp exterior and that piping hot curry potato filling 🤤 Uncle Lim’s Choice Curry Potato Samosa definitely checks all those boxes! And although it’s already sedap on its own, I cannot resist enjoying mine with a little dip in some chili sauce hehehe who’s with me?

The Spring Roll Cones looked very.. interesting 😝 But don’t be fooled ok! They are long but packed full with a delicious Popiah filling and because it’s long and thin, it’s actually extra crisp! This one I definitely recommend dipping in chili sauce to enjoy!

If you are looking to have a steamboat / BBQ grill feast, DoDo also has a special bundle where you get a Thai Mookata Style BBQ Grill with Steamboat + DoDo Hamper Bundle Set! You get DoDo products like Cheese Tofu, Fish Noodle, Otah Fish Cake, Perdix Chicken Franks, Fish Ball, Crab Sticks, a Tasty Soup Base plus an Aerogaz Mookata Stove Set and a limited edition cooler bag. All for the super attractive price of $79.90 (U/P $114.15)! The Ramadan Special bundle I mentioned above also comes with the limited edition cooler bag!

You will definitely come across DoDo Seafood Treats products at when you’re shopping at major supermarkets, hypermarts and selected convenience stores. All DoDo Seafood Treats products including the special Ramadan special bundles are available for purchase on their website so head down to ok! Available for a limited time only!


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