Easy Stuffed Dates – EatPlant-Based

Sometimes you just need a little something sweet that doesn’t require a lot of effort. Whether you’re making a snack for yourself or a crowd, these easy Stuffed Dates are the perfect healthy dessert or snack.

dates stuffed with peanut butter, nuts, and maple syrup on white counter top

Though I like something sweet now and then, I don’t have a big sweet tooth. However, my husband definitely does. The great thing about this stuffed date recipe–other than how simple it is with only two basic ingredients–is that it’s perfectly sweet and can satisfy both of us.

Of course, there are plenty of other stuffings that can be added, and we’ve got some great ideas for you if you want to jazz your dates up even more.

Whether you’re treating yourself to a personal nibble or feeding a hungry crowd, these effortless delights are your answer. They’re not just tasty; they’re also a wholesome dessert or snack option that hits the spot every time. Another terrific and simple dessert to try is these Air Fryer Banana Boats.

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