‘First For Women’ Says It’s Better Than A Tummy Tuck

My book, Radical Longevity, is quickly becoming all the rage with national women’s magazines. My message of living longer, living better and living slimmer is catching on nationwide, and it’s about time!

In fact, a recent issue of First For Women magazine featured one of the signature ingredients of Radical Longevity’s powerful, age reversing plan. I estimate that 90% of women today are deficient in this essential substance. That’s why I decided to include lecithin in the Longevity Blaster recipe featured in the book. This a.m. beverage is designed to kick start your day with just the right amount of protein, skinny fats and fragrant spices. The recipe can be found on page 131.

How Lecithin Turns Back the Clock

When it comes to aging backwards, lecithin is the ticket. It is a critical key to maintaining strong, flexible cellular membranes. It’s true that lecithin is found naturally in foods such as eggs, leafy green vegetables, sunflower seeds and soybeans, but we simply don’t get enough in our modern-day higher fat diets to efficiently break down fats and fortify cellular membranes.

Lecithin has evidence-based benefits for many forms of dementia as well as for anxiety and a healthy heart. It’s been shown to reduce hyperlipidemia, improve fat metabolism, break up plaques and help reverse atherosclerosis. In a 2010 study involving individuals with suboptimal lipid profiles, soy lecithin daily reduced LDL levels by an astonishing 42% in one month. It is also highly neuroprotective because of its phosphatidylserine content which dampens your stress response. Even your immune system gets a jump start from lecithin.

Not only do I include lecithin as a super food in Radical Longevity, but it’s also been a key ingredient for years in my Weight Loss Formula supplement.

This formula has been a tried and true staple for my weight loss followers and fans because of its metabolism-boosting, liver-detoxing benefits. In addition to lecithin, it provides a trifecta of lipotropic nutrients (choline, methionine, and inositol) which help lecithin break down fats even more effectively to prevent hormonal weight gain.

From there, the formula also provides L-carnitine, which, for a “non-essential” nutrient, is as essential a substance as you’ll ever need. Very rarely do Americans consume enough to keep us functioning at our very best. The heart, for example, is totally dependent on this singular nutrient because 2/3 of its supply of energy is derived from the fats that carnitine enables the body to utilize. For fat to be burned as fuel, this nutrient is a weight loss champion.

Fat Flush® Weight Loss Formula - Uni Key® Health

Weight Loss Formula

You’ll also find chromium, an essential trace mineral that I have found to be in very short supply in most modern diets. This is largely due to soil depletion and chromium-sucking hidden sugars in refined and processed foods. Even artificial sweeteners such as aspartame can rob the body of chromium.

Studies have shown that supplementing with chromium can lower body fat, balance blood sugar levels, increase muscle mass and lower sugar cravings. Time and time again, women have reported that chromium has helped them to lose inches – and sometimes several clothing sizes – even when the scale doesn’t budge!

Chromium also has a positive effect on cholesterol levels, lowering LDL and triglycerides while raising HDL, and even improving circulation by helping to keep arteries clear. This is great news for living longer and stronger, since the blood transports oxygen and nutrients through the arteries to every cell in the body. Chromium also works with insulin to improve the transportation of glucose out of the blood and into the cells. The niacin-bound chromium in this product is the most bioavailable form for ideal absorption by the body.

Last but not least, you’ll find a proprietary herbal blend of turmeric, dandelion root, milk thistle seed and Oregon grape root. These nutrients are rockstars when it comes to cleansing and supporting your #1 weight loss organ, the liver!

For more support on your rejuvenation journey, head on over to annlouise.com and check out my recent blog, “Woman’s World Cover Story: “I Healed My Fatty Liver!”.  And listen to my podcast with Dr. Bill McGraw, “The New Truth About Mercury Toxicity”, for a fascinating and informative discussion of the connection between mercury and the diseases we face in our modern world.

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