Four Tools Sure to Make Running Your Club Easier – and More Profitable!

Welcome to our Hidden Features blog, where we introduce tips and tricks you can use to optimize your Gym Insight software.

Simplify gym management with these four powerful software features:

1. Automatically Charge Personal Training and Add-Ons

Don’t miss out on recurring revenue. Now Gym Insight lets you create a scheduled payment for an add-on service so you can keep growing this profit-making segment of your gym! 

This feature allows you to automate and manage payment for an add-on (punch card) service, such as a series of tanning sessions or personal training. For example, now you can charge an account monthly for 10 personal training sessions that automatically rebill on a selected date. 

Typically, add-on services must be manually entered into an account and usually involve a limited quantity. Tanning, massage, pickleball courts, towel rentals and personal training sessions are all examples of services offered by many fitness centers. Profit margins on these types of services are critical to an owner’s bottom line.

Check out our Personal Training/Add-on Service guide here on Gym Insight’s Frequently Asked Questions page to discover how you can manage and automate these extra services. This Gym Insight update ensures you won’t miss this important revenue stream! 

Create scheduled payments for add-on services!

We’ve built in flexibility and convenience to our recurring add-on feature. 

Automated recurring charges can be filtered to fit any sales campaign. Punch card sales can be set for frequency and expiration, as well as default to the number of sessions to match the service’s title. For example, “three-pack of personal training,” will automatically fill in “3” for the sessions. You may also align the scheduled payment date with the remaining number of sessions so they automatically bill on the same date each month. 

2.  Click on photos for quick access to member account info

With our pop-up photo feature there’s no toggling between screens to gather basic customer information. 

Throughout (most of) Gym Insight software, you can simply click on the client’s photo for account information. At a glance, and without leaving the screen you are on, you can see such account details as members on the account, tags, contact and billing information, account alerts, and add notes to the accounts. 

3.  Schedule deletes  

Schedule which accounts to delete with our Pending Delete feature. Here you can schedule a delete date with our “delete on date” option. Until it is deleted, the account will remain active but will show a Pending Delete flag and banner. In the meantime, it is also accessible in our new Pending Delete report. 

4.  Remember member anniversaries

This year, we’ve made it easy to congratulate members on their commitment to fitness! Our Members Anniversary report and dashlet gives you timely information on which members are nearing their anniversary date and how many years they’ve been a member. Now just schedule a congrats to hit their members app and feel the positivity. 

We hope you enjoyed this month’s Hidden Features post. You care passionately about your fitness club. We feel the same about our gym management software. That’s why we want to be 100% sure you’re fully using all of its exhaustive capabilities. If you have any questions, call us at 1-855-For-Gyms and ask for Anthony or Natalia. 

Consider, as well, taking a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page to discover the many more ways we’ve tweaked our software to make it easy-to-use and simple to optimize. 

Thank you for reading and if you’re looking to switch software, call us! We make it painless and secure. Go to our social media pages, the Gym Owner’s Podcast, or our blogs to learn more about how we offer the easiest-to-use gym software in the industry. 

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