Green Chilli Chicken Rice – A Hidden (Green) Gem

After many many many years, I’ve finally visited Green Chilli Chicken Rice!

So many people have actually been recommending for me to check this place out for so many years. I’m not sure what quite put me off to be honest… Maybe it was because so many others have covered it before or maybe it was the daily sight of the snaking queue at the stall.

Well, after seeing my Uncle send us photos of the food there via WhatsApp almost every other day, I decided maybe it was finally time for me to join him for a meal there. And WOW I realized what I’d been missing from the first bite!

Green Chilli Chicken Rice ($5.00)

First of all, let me point out – this stall sells only ONE dish and that dish is Green Chilli Chicken Rice. I’ve always had the notion that if a stall sells only one dish, that probably means that they have mastered that one single dish to the point that they do not need to sell anything else at all. Green Chilli Chicken Rice is the perfect example of this. They open short hours every day and I’m sure they sell-out daily too.

On the menu, you will see only the Green Chilli Chicken Rice listed as a dish. Everything else on the menu is an add-on. You can add-on Green Chili, Red Chili, Rice and you can even buy only Rice or only Chicken. But the Chicken only also costs $5 so you might as well get the main dish at the same price. Unless you’re on a no-carb diet or something 😛

Oh! Interestingly enough, you don’t get any keropok (crackers) if you bungkus and you can’t buy keropok on the side. They apparently get the keropok from a specific supplier so you have some crunch with your Green Chill Chicken Rice.

The dish itself seems simple but is SO GOOD I’ve really gotta say!

The chicken gets a quick double fry (I believe they serve only the thigh part) and the flavours are fantastic. While the chicken may not be juicy, the meat is definitely tender. You can get the flavour of the spices that marinate the chicken – flavourful even without the Green Chili!

The star of the dish is obviously the Green Chilli. I had originally thought it was a version of Cabe Ijo but was pleasantly surprised that it’s actually quite different in many respects. Firstly, it’s not spicy (sorry to all you Hantu Chili!) and it’s not oily. The only visible ingredients are green chili and onions which result is a really unique and delicious flavour. It’s REALLY SEDAP GILER I’m not kidding. There is also some sambal on the side but I reckon the Green Chilli trumps all 😀

Anyways, it’s all served with lightly-flavoured chicken rice which uses Basmati Rice (a nice touch in my books). The photos you see have extra rice added. I think next time I’ll add extra chicken and Green Chilli instead because it’s just awesome 🔥

I can see why there’s a queue at the stall (sometimes even before they open their shutters) and it generally moves pretty fast. They do put a limit on the number of packets you can order (I believe to ensure the line doesn’t get held up for too long). Overall, I’d say it’s worth the queue for sure. Make sure you order more to make it worth it because you’re gonna crave for it if you don’t get your fill 😛

They started in 1999 and apparently moved to their current location in 2014. I hope they continue selling for a long time because so far this is one of a kind. Highly recommended for you to try! (And also highly recommended to buy extra and send to us LOL)

Sims Vista Market & Food Centre #01-09
Blk 49 Sims Place S 380049
Tel: 8280 0096

Operating Hours:
10.30am til 1.30pm Saturdays til Thursdays

This meal we visit ourselves (like macam anonymous ah) and pay own money one.
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