Gym Insight Wishes You a Fantastic New Year!

It’s been a great year for our company and we pray the same for you. Since gym owners such as yourselves are such a huge part of our success — well, you’re almost like family — we’d thought you’d enjoy an end-of-year wrap up. Looking forward to an amazing 2024 and the privilege of watching your gyms grow exponentially!

Gym Insight 2023 Social Media Winners: 

Fav Software Release — New Member App with expanded capabilities:

  • Downloadable from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Member self-registration 
  • In-app photo update
  • Bulk invite gym members to Members App
  • Run report detailing which members have not signed up for the app

Industry Recognition Awards:

Gym Insights’ 2023 Highlights:

  • Rolled out a new Members App available direct from Apple App and Google Play Stores – This newly redesigned, web-enabled, mobile app arrived just in time to replace text messaging and is available for member install via the App stores. Recent features allow gym members to update their photos, and gives gym owners the ability to send group Members App invites, as well as run reports on which clients have not yet downloaded the app. 
  • Added Bulk Action Features to Reports: Taking actions against multiple accounts is simple with our revised bulk-action features. Clients may use our rich selection of filters to refine reports targeting specific actions — then, with a swipe of the mouse, clean up entire to-do lists. Need to raise rates on a specific membership group? Just filter the report and apply the increase. 
  • Jumped on social media – We unleashed an amazing team sharing inspirational stories, quotes, and successes. We hope these make your day, every day! Here’s one of our fan favorites: “Always Remember This Verse…”
  • Gained marquee industry recognition: SOURCEFORGE Top Performer Fall 2023; GetApp’s Fitness Software Category Leaders 2023; Software Advice Front Runners 2023.
  • Made SOURCEFORGE profile page– This respected industry online publication profiled Gym Insight owner and founder Lawrence Fagan for an in-depth question and answer session. Read it here.
  • Expanded The Gym Owner’s Podcast – We’ve grown our podcasts from product tutorial to in-depth conversations with successful gym owners, legal experts and medical leaders. We believe in being a resource for our gym owners, and hope you find these conversations as enlightening as we have. Top Podcast: Discover the Insider Tips.
  • Produced enlightening customer profiles – Interested in sharing your expertise with the industry? Call us today. We’d love to profile you. Our customers are some of the scrappiest, strongest, most innovative people in the industry, and our profiles attempt to bring their energy to you. Study fitness leaders, such as Donnie Whetstone of Whetstone Fitness in “How an Army Pro Built a Winning Gym.” Learn from each other – that’s our philosophy. 
  • Signed-on many new customers! Shout out to Deb Callahan of Debs Gym House of Perfection in Lakeland, Florida, established 2005. She’s brought her life experience as a body building competitor and National Physique Community (NCP) Producer and Judge of the Ultimate Muscle Body Building Show to her thriving gym. We look forward to being a part of her gym’s continued growth. 
  • Explored blog topics critical to your gym’s future and financial security. We interviewed industry experts in medical fitness certifications, risk management, and lease management. Additionally, as the fitness industry explodes with specialty training programs, we strove to cover industry-urgent certifications, such as adaptive special needs, and accommodating people of all sizes. 
Whetstone Fitness

We love our customers! Introducing Donnie Whetstone, of Whetstone Fitness in Olympia Washington!

Thank you for reading this blog and for choosing to install Gym Insight. We are grateful and humbled by your support. God bless you, and may your 2024 New Year be the beginning of something great!


The Gym Insight Team, 2023

Gym Management Software Industry Leader 


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