How Food Safety Team Lead handles food complaint?

Let’s discuss how the food safety team lead (FSTL) handles food complaints in the event of a food incident. A food complaint is initially handled and cleared by a food safety team lead.

FoodTechSafety helps a food safety officer to handle, and take preventive actions and corrective actions towards a food safety complaint based on ISO 22000 procedures.

Food safety complaint (Incident )

In the event of a customer food safety complaint sales department receives it. Immediately report the matter without delay to the Food Safety Team Lead (FSTL) or production manager.

Therefore the sale in charge collects the complaint details and records in the customer complaint form.

The suspected food sample should be retrieved from the complainant if it is possible.

Food Safety Incident Investigation

On receipt of a complaint, the concerned responsible Dept. manager / authorized personnel shall review the complaint. At the same time establish whether the complaint is acceptable or not.

If the complaint is not acceptable, a letter shall be written to the customer. Explaining the reason and fact for not accepting the complaint. Forward copy and response of customer complaint to the FSTL.

If the complaint is acceptable then a Non Conformance Report shall be raised with necessary corrective actions. A copy of the NCR or a standard letter shall be forwarded to the customer or his representative.

Most importantly a product recall happens. Check out a form for the product recall procedure.

Finally, on completion of the corrective action, the customer or his representative shall be informed in writing. Also, the letter shall be forwarded to FTL.

Preventive action

So FTL analyses all customer complaints and raises appropriate preventive action. Eventually, discuss and review the findings of the analysis in the FSMS review meeting.

Following a complaint do not sell the food from the same batch. And must be before approval from the General Manager and Food Safety Team Leader.

Within 24 hours of receipt of the complaint, the marketing contacts the complainant. Therefore investigate the matter and advise them.

  • When the non-conforming product/process has been identified, it should be brought to the attention of the FSTL. FSTL initiates the Non-conformance report (NCR)and hands it over to the department in charge. It’s for conducting the problem’s root cause analysis and taking corrective actions.
  • The department in charge investigates the nonconformance. This is to identify the root cause of the problem and record the findings in the Non-conformance report (NCR)
  • Having identified the root cause of the problem. The proposed corrective action should be reviewed and approved by the Food Safety Team Leader for implementation.
  • Day-to-day instructions, queries, and minor work defects etc. Received as part of the ongoing operations shall be handled by the catering manager through the normal communication channels required by the customer.

Role of Food Safety Team

The Food Safety Team Leader should summarize the details of the Non-conformance report (NCR) in the Non-conformance Status Log.

The Food Safety Team Leader reviews the effectiveness of the corrective action. Close out the non-conformities (NC).

The complete corrective action reports should be in the Non-conformance report (NCR). Subsequently, update the Non-Conformance Status Log.

Where the corrective action is not effective, the Food Safety Team Leader should discuss the application of suitable corrective action with the department in charge as necessary.

The effectiveness of the further corrective action taken should be reviewed by the Food Safety Team Leader and the non-conformities (NC) should be closed out. The completed corrective action reports should be filed in a Non-conformance report (NCR)


The Food Safety Team Leader discusses the details of the non-conformities identified, corrective action taken and the status of the non-conformities as input in the management review (MR) meetings.

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