How to become a Hygiene Officer in UAE?

7. Skills- An officer must demonstrate high planning and organizing. Thereby implementation of local laws and safety practices must be on a hands skill.

8. Sanitation methods- A hygiene officer must be well-versed in the highest standards of sanitation and cleaning methods. Please refer to this for further details: Adopt the best sanitation facilities in the food industry

9. Meet the quality and safety goals in the hotel and catering industry.

10. Competent trainer training employees in food safety and occupational safety practices; well versed in ADFSA food handling practices, Dubai Food Code 2020, etc.

11. Inspection Specialists- An officer must investigate and also reduce hygiene incidents in their organization. Must handle and balance competent authority inspection. Reduce nonconformity from audits and authority inspection.

12. Knowledge of chemicals.

13. As well each learns production operations and knows the SOPs.

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