How To Gain Weight Naturally For Muscle Mass?

First of all, There are so many ways to gain weight naturally. It is easy as it sounds but most people end up with a huge amount of body fat around the stomach. There are 2 ways to gain weight. The first one is clean eating and second is bad junk eating. We can eat the same amount of calories in both ways.

In order to gain weight naturally for muscle mass, we need to go surplus in calories. For example, You are burning 1000 calories in the gym every day. To maintain body weight you need to eat 1000 calories back but for weight gaining, you need to eat extra calories. In other words, you have to eat 1300 or 1400 calories per day.

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Now, we will talk about clean eating calories. It means good and healthy food such as Nuts, Yogurt, Vegetables, Grains, Lentils, etc.. Junk calories are like pizza, burgers and processed food, packed food, fried food. It only takes 21 days to build a habit for something. People always think the workout part is tough to increase muscle mass but not diet is most difficult to manage. You build muscles in kitchen and bed because rest is as important as diet and workout.

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When we break muscle tissues in the gym then the body needs proper fuel to recover the energy. That fuel is your healthy cooked food such as good fat and carbohydrates and proper protein intake. The complete combination of these 3 important parts will make your muscle growth. When making protein-carbs and fat-containing meal mainly pick the good source of fat and whole grains for carbs and lean source of proteins.

Here are Tips to Gain Weight Naturally for Muscle Mass:

1. Eat more calories

Eat more than you burn. You need to go to calories surplus every time you eat. If you are not getting results, It means you are not eating proper calories.

2. Eat Meals

I suggest to eat a low quantity of meals but eat the number of meals. This will not make you feel bloated. There is only one way to go calories surplus, eat 4/5 meals per day. wake up early, eat breakfast and then 3-4 more meals.

3. Eat more Carbs and Proteins

Choose good carbs and whole protein source. Protein helps the body recover faster after your workout session. We need at least 1g/lb or 2.2g/kg protein to grow muscle.

4. Drink Milk to Gain Weight Naturally

Drink more milk. 1000ml Milk contains almost 30-grams protein and 500-600 calories.

gain weight naturally

Mix it with 1 tbsp peanut butter and 1 banana and 2 scoops whey protein. It will give you straight away 1200 calories. It is far easy to digest than eating.

5. WorkOut

As you will eat more food and calories. So, you need to do workout harder to gain strength and increase muscle mass. Lifting heavy will turn your surplus calories into muscle mass.

6. Track Progress

Keep the record of each and everything day by day. Need to focus on weight and nutrition plan.

7. Consistency

This is the most crucial part where 90% of people lack. because in order to increase weight, you need to do things repeatedly and people get bored with it. consistency is the key to gain weight.

8. Rest

You need at least 8 hours of sleep every day. Our body grows 90% faster while sleep. Whatever we eat and drink, the body will use it while sleep.

These tips help a lot of people around the world. I am sure it will surely give you better results to gain weight naturally. Eat big get Big.

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