Internal Auditor in a Food Safety Job

Process of Internal Auditing

Hence to prepare and implement the Food Safety Management System (FSMS) the Food Safety Team Leader should make an internal audit plan,

Therefore the food operation activities included in the scope of the Food Safety Management System should be audited at least once yearly. So as to ensure that elements in the ISO 22000 standard is implemented and being followed.

Subsequently, the Food Safety Team Leader should notify the internal audit plan to the Department Manager/ Section in charge before the audit.

Audit Process

Then, the Food Safety Team Leader should assign an auditor, of course, independent of the area to be audited to conduct the scheduled audit.

The auditor should prepare and plan the audit by knowing the area being audited, and then preparing the Internal Audit Checklist.

Afterwards, the opening meeting should be conducted with the Department Manager/ Section in charge, where the auditor explains the scope of the audit, audit criteria (based on which standard the audit is being conducted) and the purpose of the closing meeting.

Then upon completion of the audit, the auditor should prepare the audit report,

The auditor should communicate the results of the audits to the Department Managers/ Section in charge responsible for the area being audited.

Any non-conformity identified during the audit should be recorded on a Corrective Action Request

The corrective actions should be processed as per the correction and the corrective action procedure

The corrective actions and the completion date should be proposed by the Department Managers/ Section in charge during the closing meeting and agreed by the auditor.

Audit Follow-up

After the estimated time for the completion of corrective actions, the auditor should conduct the follow-up audit to verify the implementation and effectiveness of the correction taken.

The completion or closure of the corrective actions should be recorded in the Corrective Action Request, and maintained by the Food Safety Team Leader.

The Food Safety Team Leader discusses the results of the internal audit as an input in the management review (MR) meetings for the continual improvement of the food safety management system.

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