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Looks like Hotpot season is upon is! That’s one of the reasons I LOVE the festive season so much – we get to enjoy all the MAKAN! 😝 And one of my favourite makan places has got something special we can all enjoy! Add a little Korean touch to your Hotpot with the Korean Treasure Pot from Jinjja Chicken! I’m talking about a meal that’s perfect for family and friends to indulge in – after all, food is better when shared with loved ones am I right? ❤️

image from Jinjja Chicken

So what exactly do you get with your Korean Treasure Pot?
We’ve got a whole chicken (like macam Samgyetang style), premium Baby Abalone, Mandu (Korean dumplings), Eomuk aka Odeng (which comes in 2 varieties – the flat Eomuk and the Bar Eomuk), Tteokbokki (Korean Rice Cakes), mushrooms and they even give you some Shim Ramyun instant noodles too! There are also generous toppings like fresh scallion, red dates and egg strips too.

On top of that, you also get a few bottles of their special nourishing Chicken Broth which has been brewed with loads of tasty goodness including scallions, pear, garlic, onion. The best way I can describe the flavour of the Chicken Broth in 3 words – clean, flavourful and tasty! I’m really getting those Samgyetang vibes here BUT they do also provide you with some of their signature Jinjja Gochujang which you can add to your Treasure Pot for extra kick 💥


FUYOH that’s what I’m talking about! This was a really hearty meal of Hotpot with plenty of delicious ingredients to enjoy. I mean, you can always keep the party going by adding more stuff if you’d like but there’s really plenty that comes with the Korean Treasure Pot. And did I mention – you get keep the golden Korean pot for future use 😁 I foresee plenty of Hotpot and Army Stew parties in the near future LOL 😇

(1) Add the Jinjja Gochujang PLUS the seasoning powder from your Shin Ramyun packet to the broth for extra kick!
(2) I’d highly recommend you add-on some Jinjja Wings and Abalone Yusheng 🤤

The Jinjja Korean Treasure Pot is available ONLY FOR DELIVERY! Order via https://delivery.jinjjachicken.com at least 3 days in advance to enjoy your Treasure Pot! Early bird discount is available for the first 100 orders so you enjoy the special price of $138 (U.P. $188) plus FREE DELIVERY!! Order early to avoid disappointment ok!

PS if you need anyone to help you makan the Korean Treasure Pot, please drop us an email/DM thanks!

image from Jinjja Chicken

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