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How can you sell more personal training without losing money or increasing staff? Kage Gym in Mundelein, Illinois, has figured out the secret sauce resulting in an insane closing rate of nearly 70%.  They’ve been so successful with personal training that, after two years in business, they’ve just begun promoting memberships to the general public. 

What’s Kage Gym owners story? 

Owners Omar Sanchez and Gonz Sanchez (no relation) opened Kage Gym in September 2022, taking on and renovating an existing gym. The two young entrepreneurs dipped into their enthusiasm and love of bodybuilding to create a gym that has become a magnet for the young people of their small town. Even the angry panda scowling from the wall seems to say, “Play hard, work hard.”

When Omar and Gonz opened their gym with Gym Insight’s member management software, our sales staff passed on a script for personal training. Back in the day, our owners used the same verbiage at their gyms. Still fresh after all these years, the script gives interested members a series of choices, skillfully leading them down the path to personal training.

How mastering a personal training sales script turns members into clients

The script relies on a process that can be measured and followed. The technique begins with taking the prospect on a well-planned gym tour and then asking permission to discuss personal training. From there, the salesperson goes through a series of questions, which help the member identify what type of exerciser they are and what program would work best for them.

The sales pitch always ends the same way — with an orientation by a personal trainer. Even if the client says “no” to personal training, they receive a mini training session with a trainer. This extra step provides two benefits: It familiarizes the member with the equipment while giving the personal trainer one more shot at selling the client.

Talent meets opportunity to reach a crazy high closing rate.

In a sense, giving this script to Omar and Gonz is a little like handcrafting the perfect storm. For these two, a strategic, measurable process mixed with unbelievable sales talent creates a supernatural closing rate.

See, prior to owning Kage, both Omar and Gonz sold newspaper subscriptions door-to-door for years. They graduated from high school and went straight to hoofing subscriptions to homeowners, relying on personality and persuasive sales techniques to keep afloat. 

Can you imagine how good you must be to make money selling newspaper subscriptions while the Internet ate the industry’s lunch? 

Move over, Mark Cuban, these guys can sell — which, Gonz fully admits, is why they close nearly seven -out-of-ten prospects. 

Kage Gym’s five other personal trainers average a closing rate of 30-to-40% once they become comfortable with the sales process. Not interstellar, but still major league. 

“It was literally the same script, all we did was modify it a bit,” Gonz said. 

The toughest part of the process is luring the prospect in the door, he asserts. Once in front of a trainer, the biggest objection is price, so, to overcome this common problem, they offer a payment plan of 50% down and 50% in 30 days.

Bam! Bam! Sold!

The personal training sales process starts online.

The Kage Gym runs a very entertaining, interactive, and highly tuned social media program. They rely on Facebook leads to feed message requests to their website, which features a “Get Started with Personal Training” link. This click opens to an offer of a free training session and calendar widget for immediate sign-up.

Kage Gym’s personal training page entices the prospect with these offerings:

  • Nutrition assistance 
  • Customized goal-driven personal training 
  • Multiple packages: Jacked, Toned, Athlete, Transform
  • Short-term or long-term training

Then— and this is key — the owners call the lead IMMEDIATELY, jumping on the momentum generated by their online investment, and pulling in the client for a one-on-one session. From there, it’s that magic again. 

Kage Gym’s action-packed language and impressive photos engage and inspire us all. The website copy sort of feels like Arnold’s Pump Club, “If you want to get BIG, call these guys – NOW!” 

Catherine, the blogger

A final word on mastering personal training sales

Kage Gym owners know their demographic well — they zero in on young people interested in shedding pounds gained from an American upbringing, and maximizing their look for today’s intensively visual online world.

But that’s not what matters. 

What counts in selling personal training is the process:

  1. Have a way to capture prospect information. 
  2. Include a calendar pop-up for immediate appointment setting.
  3. Express how you’re different.
  4. Follow the script!

For more information on selling personal training at point of sale, take a look at our blogs. As well, feel free to call our sales representatives Anthony or Natalia, who’ll be happy to walk through the steps with you.

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