Magnesium Benefits Of Eating Seafood

Hello, Seafoodies! 

From heart-healthy omega-3s to a variety of essential vitamins and minerals, seafood provides nutrients that are important for all life-stages. And speaking of minerals in seafood, we’re focusing on one trace mineral that has a big impact in the body: magnesium.

Magnesium is a trace mineral, which means we don’t need large amounts of it. And you may be surprised to discover that magnesium is needed for more than 600 reactions in the body! Some of these roles include maintaining proper nerve and muscle function, assisting with DNA production, supporting a steady heartbeat, managing blood glucose, keeping bones strong and so much more. 

Additionally, magnesium is an electrolyte that works in tandem with calcium, potassium and sodium to help keep our hearts ticking seamlessly and our blood pressure in check. High or low levels of any of these will likely raise or lower other electrolytes. In fact, severe magnesium deficiency can cause hypocalcemia (low calcium) or hypokalemia (low potassium) levels.

These are just a few reasons why it’s important to consume magnesium-rich foods regularly—some of these foods include seafood like salmon and halibut, seeds like pumpkin and chia and nuts such as almonds and cashews. To help meet magnesium needs, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (link here) and other leading health organizations recommend that adults eat at least 2-3 servings (about 8-12 ounces) of seafood each week.

So to get enough magnesium and other critical nutrients, enjoy a variety of seafood at least two to three times every week. Seafood species like salmon, mackerel, halibut, tuna, crab and canned oysters or sardines are good choices. And to boost your intake even more, try pairing two or more magnesium superstars like fatty fish with avocados, nuts or leafy greens.

For some quick and easy recipes to keep your plate full and your magnesium levels on track, check out our E-Cookbook. Your body will thank you for it!

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