Mediterranean Diet Inspired Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

If you are like us and are just into the big game day for the snacks, then this post is for you! Sharing some of our favorite Mediterranean diet inspired, healthy super bowl snacks that any game watcher will be grateful to dig into.

In it for the Game, Snacks or Ads?

Let’s all take a knee for a moment to give thanks for the beauty that is a Super Bowl Party Snack Spread.

Between the delicious food and hilarious tv ads, it’s hard to remember sometimes that there is actually a football game being played.

Living the Mediterranean Lifestyle

Since adopting a more Mediterranean Inspired Lifestyle, I’ve been trying to incorporate more mediterranean dishes into everyday events. This year, I’m tackling the super bowl.

It’s actually been easy to incorporate these types of recipes into my everyday life because they are so fresh and full of flavor.

Some simple ways we have been able to create Mediterranean diet inspired snacks into our lives include –

  • trying to add in fruits and veggies whenever possible
  • creating dips and spreads featuring Greek Yogurt in place of mayo or sour cream
  • using fresh herbs, garlic and dried spices to create flavor packed dishes
  • opting for fish and seafood based appetizers in place of just the typically fried dishes
  • offering a balance between old favorites and healthy super bowl snacks

A Recipe I’m Drooling Over

I saw this recipe for Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings from Joyous Apron last week and instantly knew I wanted to make these for Super Bowl.

baked garlic parmesan chicken wings

I love that they are baked instead of fried and starting thinking about all the other healthier but equally delicious options out there.

Mediterranean Diet Super Bowl Snacks

I’ve rounded up a few of my all time favorite blog recipes that would be perfect for the big game day.

So without further ado, check out these snack ideas –

Dip Recipes

A lot of standard dips contain mayo or sour cream, which is fine in moderation but can often be higher in saturated fat. Many dips can be created using things like greek yogurt or hummus to not only reduce saturated fat but offer a bit of protein as well.

healthy store bought sauces

We recently shared some of our favorite Store Bought Sauces that can easily and quickly bring flavor to many, many meals. So if you are in a time crunch or just don’t feel like whipping something up yourself, check out some great store bought options.

Incorporating nuts into dips (like in the pistachio yogurt dip and walnut pesto dip below) is a great way to add lots of flavor and texture while adding some heart healthy fats and a bit of protein as well.

Small Bites

Small bites are one of our favorite type of foods. The perfect size for sampling a few bites of various dishes. It’s a great way to use a lot of fresh ingredients to add bursts of flavor in a single bite.

mini buffalo chicken meatballs recipe

You can never go wrong with a classic, but we’ve put a little spin on it with these Mini Buffalo Chicken Meatballs.

smashed potatoes

Another favorite of ours, these Crispy Smashed Potatoes with Zesty Horseradish Dip. They are so good and the dip is awesome!

Fruit and Veggie Appetizers

Working some fruits and vegetables into your healthy super bowl snacks is a win win for everyone. Not only can it help lighten up the array of choices but it can add pops of color and freshness among a sea of fried foods.

Main Event Recipes

If you super bowl party is the type that doesn’t just limit it to small plates and finger foods, this is your section. Offering some healthier main event options is a great way to offer a balance of items. Working fish or seafood into these dishes is an easy way to not only offer some heart healthy omega 3s, but a bit of protein and some leaner options compared to beef.

This Souvlaki Inspired Grilled Chicken Platter is always at favorite a gatherings and easy to prep in advance.

mocktail recipes for dy january

Don’t forget beverages on your game day menu. If you aren’t drinking alcohol, check out this great Collection of 15 Mocktail recipes.

I’d love to hear what is on your super bowl menu, comment below!

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