Mediterranean Diet Snacks for Travel

In an effort to save money at the airport, I’m sharing the Mediterranean diet snacks I packed for my family on a recent trip.

Why I Pack Travel Snacks

When I was younger I loved grabbing snacks to enjoy on the plane from the little shops at the airport. I’d typically purchase a grab & go sandwich, some kind of chips and always something sweet.

To be young again and have not only a faster metabolism and immune system but expendable income. I didn’t even bat an eye to spend $15 on a dry sandwich at the airport.

These days, not only do I try to stick to more of a budget but also want to maintain our healthy eating while traveling to help keep travel bugs away. I also have two kids, that are always hungry. Like all day long. Heaven forbid they go 2 hours without asking for a snack.

Choosing Mediterranean Diet Snacks

We recently flew from California to Hawaii, which ended up being a 5 hour and 45 minute flight. We left at 7am and landed in Hawaii in mid-morning (time difference), so I knew I had to pack snacks that would be substantial enough to carry us through breakfast and tide us over until a late lunch after we landed.

My daughter and I hit up Target to grab some snacks for everyone in the family. I tried to include Mediterranean diet inspired snacks by incorporating –

  • fruits or veggies if possible
  • sources of protein
  • healthy fats
  • a sweet treat
  • fiber containing foods to help keep us full until we landed

Since the snacks were being taken on an airplane they also had to be –

  • easy to transport in a carry on bag
  • easy to eat
  • nothing liquid
  • room temperature stable
  • not messy to carry / easy to dispose of

Our Mediterranean Diet Snacks for the Plane

travel snacks for Mediterranean diet

It tried to pack items that would create balanced snacks. Check out more on balanced snacks here – 25 Fast and Filling Mediterranean Diet Snacks Ideas

Here are the exact snacks we each packed –

  1. Sumo Citrus Oranges
    • easy to eat/peel
    • fiber to help feel full
    • vitamin c and antioxidants for immune health
    • delicious and a family favorite
  2. Pistachios
    • Nuts are not only a source of healthy fats, but a bit of protein and fiber
    • I like bringing pistachios because it’s also a time killer on the plane. The kids like cracking the shells and it helps the snack last a bit longer
  3. Apples and Peanut Butter
    • Fiber + Protein + Healthy Fats = filling, balanced snack
    • easy to eat/pack
    • filling and good for blood sugar control
  4. Mini Beef Sticks
    • my kids love these and they are the perfect size for packing in a small bag
    • good source of protein
  5. Dried Fruit
    • easy to carry / eat
    • be sure to check ingredients and choose no sugar added brand
    • chewy texture satisfies my kids’ sweet tooth
    • fiber and vitamins
  6. Dark Chocolate
    • always good to have a little something sweet to enjoy
    • dark chocolate has such an intense flavor that a little goes a long way
  7. Goldfish Crackers
    • not necessary a “Mediterranean diet s snack” but my kids love them and it’s all about balance
    • easy to pack and eat

Not pictured – I also packed each one of us a bagel with cream cheese that I picked up the day before from Noah’s Bagels (our favorite). They were easy to pack and the kids loved enjoying them while watching a movie on the plane.

No one finished all their snacks on the flight there. They were great to have while on vacation and we saved some for the plane ride home as well.

Looking for more Mediterranean Diet Snacks?

Looking through previous posts it’s obvious that my family is no stranger to packing snacks. Check out our previous recaps –

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Last modified: January 22, 2024

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