My 10 Favourite Halal Eateries in Century Square & Tampines 1

All my Tampines makan kakis REJOICE! You simply must admit that #EastSideBestSide and Tampines is the #1 top spot for many especially for MAKAN! We are spoiled for choice and it’s little wonder then that people from across the island flock to Tampines! 💪🏼

Century Square & Tampines 1 are super popular malls for very obvious reasons – great shopping and great makan 😁. I can’t even tell you the countless hours I’ve spent over the years at Century Square & Tampines 1 – majority of that time spent makan-ing of course 😝 There are SO MANY dining options and there have been many exciting and delicious additions to the Halal eateries line-up in recent times.

So I’m rounding up my top 10 favourite Halal makan spots in Century Square & Tampines 1!

Gerill Bab has been a really big hit since its opening a few months ago! Serving up a wide variety of Korean-style Rice Bowls aka ‘Bibimbap’ that taste as good as they look 😍

Their top choices include Gerill Chicken, Gerill Beef, Gerill Beef Patty, Gerill Garlic Butter Prawn. Gerill Fish and my personal favourite – Gerill Premium Beef! Besides Rice, they also have Noodles and Salad options too and you can even customize your order. A hearty serving of delicious Korean rice bowls – how can you possibly resist? 😬

Gerill Bab is located at Century Square #B1-39.

Kenny Rogers Roasters is a LEGEND for sure. It’s little wonder that its return to the Halal food scene in Singapore last year was greeted with great fanfare! Even more awesome is that they remain a popular choice in Century Square. Perfect for family dining!

You can’t go wrong with some of Kenny Rogers Roasters’ signature rotisserie roasted chicken for sure 🤤 They have other tasty dishes including Fish and Chips, Kenny’s Sirloin Steak and even some local favourites like their OMG Nasi Lemak (which includes their signature chicken of course). They even have a lunch special – top up $1 on top of any meal for a bowl of mushroom soup and soft drinks/coffee/tea. PRO TIP: Be sure to enjoy their legendary signature Corn Muffins!

Kenny Rogers Roasters is located at Century Square #02-20/27.

The Food Market by Food Junction is awesome! It’s more than just your average food court with some of the best popular stalls around. There’s really something for everyone at The Food Market! Some awesome news is that while some of the stalls are already certified Halal, the rest are currently undergoing the Halal certification process! This means all stalls in The Food Market will eventually be certified Halal 🙌🏼

My list of favourite stalls in The Food Market is a really long one 😛 so I’m going to narrow it down for y’all ok! Everyone’s looking for that spicy kick and Xiao Man Niu Mala Hot Pot is a really popular choice! A plethora of ingredients to choose from plus you get to choose the spicy level! Ghost Spicy level anyone? 😮.

Satay Bosque is one of the newest additions to the line-up there. Savour the traditional flavours of Satay and Ayam Percik! If Japanese cuisine is on your mind, JJ Japanese Cuisine is the right choice for you. Wide selection of Japanese favourites including Bentos and hotplate too! Got Salted Egg dishes too! 😁

The Food Market by Food Junction is located at Century Square #03-19.

Can’t travel but I don’t have to miss the flavours of this Penang special thanks to D’Laksa! They bring us the iconic, delicious flavours we love in a convenient and handy packaging that’s perfect for your quick takeout.

Savour the sour-spicy tang of their signature Asam Laksa packed with plenty of goodies to complement the springy laksa noodles. Once that flavour hits you, you simply can’t stop slurping! I always add an additional serving of their tasty (and big!) Fishballs and also their Fruits Rojak for a complete meal. PRO TIP: Don’t be afraid to add some additional Prawn Paste (aka Petis) for that EXTRA SHIOK flavour kick!

D’Laksa is located at Century Square #01-36.

Shout-out to all the meat lovers! The MeatHöuse is famed for serving up meats that are guaranteed to satisfy your carnivorous cravings 🤤 Perfect spot for family dining and MEAT-ing up with friends! (geddit geddit)

Helmed by Chef Benny Se Teo, they’re serving up everything from steaks to ribs to burgers and more Western faves. They even have an All-Day Brunch on their menu now! My personal top picks include the Denver Ribs and Hanger Steak but if you wanna go big, then you can’t get bigger than the Tomahawk Steak 😮 Whichever you choose, you’re surely in for a meaty feast.

The MeatHöuse is located at Century Square #05-04.

You can’t go wrong with some fried chicken and Texas Fried Chicken has got some of the best 💥. Crispy, juicy and downright delicious fried chicken always hits the spot! Paired with their signature sides and those awesome Honey Butter Biscuits and you’re all set!

I just tried their special 555 Tom Yum Oat Chicken and if you’re yearning for those Thai flavours, this could be the one for you. Crispy Fried Chicken is coated in a extra crispy oats for that extra crunch. You’ll get hints of Tom Yum flavours in every bite! They also have Tom Yum Popcorn Chicken too. PRO TIP: Be sure to have their Cha-Ha-Ha Thai Milk Tea because it’s super smooth and super sedap! Really went well with the meal! 👍🏽

Texas Fried Chicken is located at Century Square #05-03.

Pepper Lunch is a brand that literally needs no introduction. One of the latest (and most highly anticipated) additions to the Halal-certified food scene and I’m so happy there is a Pepper Lunch right in the heart of Tampines at Tampines 1 🙌🏼

My mouth is watering just thinking of tucking to that sizzling dish in front of me 🤤 Everyone’s got their favourites at Pepper Lunch for sure but my top 2 picks are the signature Beef Pepper Rice and Prime Tender (Aust. Beef) 160g (what can I say, I’m a beefy guy LOL). Oh, that tender juicy Ribeye steak is SHIOK!

Pepper Lunch is located at Tampines 1 #B1-06.

Tasty Thai flavours abound at Sanook Kitchen! Sanook Kitchen is super popular which is a testament to how much everyone enjoys their food – the people have spoken! 💪🏼

The biggest draw at Sanook Kitchen is an extensive menu featuring signature Thai favourites that are not only delicious but also offered at very affordable prices. Must-haves include the Steamed Sea Bass with Chilli, Lime & Garlic (best enjoyed with steaming hot white rice!), Homemade Prawn Cake and Pineapple Fried Rice. Definitely a great choice for that next meet-up with family and friends.

Sanook Kitchen is located at Tampines 1 #03-25.

If you have not visited Streats Cafe before, you are missing out! One of the best things I love about the menu at Streats is the wide variety of different cuisines you can enjoy – they feature popular Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesian and Asian street food!

You’ve something for everyone including the kids!I’ve tried quit a few dishes at Streats but next on my list are the Ayam Penyet with Chilli, Chongqing Chicken in Basket and Malaysian Style Carrot Cake with Sweet Sauce, Bean Sprouts and Egg. And don’t forget to order some Dim Sum too! 😛

Streats Cafe is located at Tampines 1 #B1-05.

Tuk Tuk Cha is famous for their Thai beverage and desserts but there is plenty of other great stuff on their menu too!

Plenty are raving about their Beef Boat Noodles and Tom Yum Chicken Rice/Noodle Bowls! Next time, try my favourites like the Yamama Garlic Chicken Rice Bowl and Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl! And of course, wash it all down with some of their signature Thai Milk Tea and Thai Milk Green Tea 😛 PRO TIP – Don’t miss their Shibuya Toast!

Tuk Tuk Cha is located at Tampines 1 #B1-K2.

Well, there you have it folks! My top 10 choices for Halal makan spots to be found in Century Square and Tampines 1! But having said that – there is PLENTY more to be explored and discovered at both malls for sure. So the next time you’re out and about, make Century Square and Tampines 1 your top choice destinations 💥

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