Navigating Menopause: No More Hot Flashes and Much More – Episode 161: Barb Hawken

The First Lady of Nutrition is delighted to welcome the go-to menopause fitness coach, Barb Hawken. Barb is a strong believer, like Ann Louise herself, that when it comes to transforming the middle aged woman’s body, making simple tweaks in the kitchen and gym can be transforming to overall health. Ann Louise and Barb dive right into an enlightened discussion covering the issues and questions so many women are asking including: How can I get rid of menopause belly fat? Should I change the way I eat in menopause to help with the excess fat? Is exercise helpful, and if so, what kind is best? How do hormones affect weight loss, mood, sleep? Why is my body changing so rapidly in mid-life? Which bioidenticals can be a helpful tool in my toolbox? Barb has her own inspiring story to tell and wants women going through similar menopausal journeys to know that they are not alone. Her passion is teaching women what they need to know to help them get their body to a place where they feel strong, sexy, and radiant. This episode is chock-full of helpful tips and insight to live your best life now!

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