PANDAS, PANS, and Practical Solutions – Episode 160: Dr. Jill Crista

The First Lady of Nutrition extends a warm welcome to Dr. Jill Crista, author of “A Light in the Dark for PANDAS and PANS.”  This book sheds light on complex neuroinflammatory conditions primarily affecting children.  In this insightful interview, Dr. Crista delves into the intricacies of PANDAS (associated with strep) and PANS (linked to various infections), conditions known to significantly alter behavior and affect the brain. This results in changes to how the brain works, thinks, processes information, and feels.  Join Ann Louise and Dr. Crista as they explore the triggers, symptoms, and treatments, including the vital importance of addressing the nasal passages in managing these conditions.  Dr. Crista, a Naturopathic Doctor trained in integrative medicine, combines medical interventions with natural medicine in a comprehensive approach. As a parent of children with PANS and an experienced clinician, she offers important insights for parents and grandparents managing these conditions.

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