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This peanut butter granola cereal is the perfect make-ahead breakfast that is healthy and hearty enough to keep you full for hours. It is soft and chewy, perfect for all kinds of eaters, and it’s kid-friendly!

close up of peanut butter granola cereal homemade
PHOTO CREDIT: Drenda-Michell Brennan

By Drenda-Michell Brennan

I recently spent a few weeks with my daughter and her husband when their newest daughter was born. While I was there, my son-in-law’s mother offered to bring food, and he requested that she bring her granola for breakfast. I was perplexed and thought that was an unusual request. When she came bearing a plethora of gifts, she also brought in a plastic container full of chewy granola cereal that was very similar to this recipe.  We also have a crunchy granola recipe on this website.

I had never eaten homemade cereal before, but since they are a very large family with 13 children, I felt like I needed to experience something so special that their kids, even at 30 years old, still requested it.

I’m so glad that I did!  Not only is this homemade granola cereal delicious, but it has simplified my mornings considerably, which I suppose is exactly what I should have expected from a sagacious mother of 13!

I was thrilled when I tried their family recipe and realized I had gloriously stumbled upon something so delicious and convenient! With this cereal on hand, breakfast requires no thought or effort.  The cereal is chewy, delicious, filling, and full of healthy ingredients that will keep you feeling full for hours.

There’s no baking required and the recipe uses only a few simple ingredients that you probably already have on hand, and it is ready to serve in minutes. It also stores beautifully in the fridge, and adding fresh fruit takes this easy breakfast to the next level of deliciousness and nutrition!

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