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fishing boats at Whitstable

Please use the contact form below to ask your fish and seafood questions.

You can make the question as long as you like – the box expands magically 🙂

will get a copy of this into my inbox – if you add your own email
address, then you will be notified when there are any additions or
responses to your question.

Doesn’t matter what it is – how simple
– everybody has to learn sometime – so if you have a question, please
ask – I will answer where I can or search for information if I don’t
know the answer.

Some people have emailed asking about specific
problems with the recipes, how to calculate the amount of fish needed
for large catering events such as weddings – what is basa fish and river
cobbler – what is the best fish to use for frying – what is the best
batter recipe for cod – how do I cook smoked haddock – is there a
cheaper alternative to cod?

One that comes up time and again, is what to serve with fish – there’s a section called ‘sides’ which will hopefully help you there. If you want to know more, then please fill in the form.

How to make parsley sauce – the most
popular – lovely with new potatoes and plainly cooked fish – some of the
answers can be found within the site, but it doesn’t matter – if you
have a question and can’t find the answer quickly, then I really don’t
mind if you fill in this box – I can either answer you or direct you to
the right page so long as you fill in your email address.

We all
have to start somewhere in the learning curve – I remember learning to
cook along side my nan – I still have some of her cookware, loaf tins, muffin tins and of course her recipes are in my head!

The list goes on and on.

Feel free to ask whatever you like and I will do my very best to respond to you.

If you are looking for a specific recipe, then fill in this box and I will try and find it for you.

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