Quick & Easy Gift Ideas (That I’ve Gotten and Actually Love)

Hi Christmas is in a little over two weeks.


How did it creep up on us so quickly?! I feel like this time of year absolutely flies, and I always find that I get close to the big day while still needing a gift idea or two.

And that feeling is exactly what inspired this post.

Maybe you’re in the same boat where you just remembered you needed a gift for someone, or perhaps you’re visiting friends or family over the holidays and you want to bring them something special.

I’ve gotcha covered! These are all quick, easy, and things I really love. I’m not a fan of “buying something just to buy something.” This are ideas that make my day, put a smile on my face, and would make me squeal with joy if I received it as a gift this year.

P.S. Some of these are affiliate links, but I’ll mark ’em with an asterisk (*) so you know!


You know I love to read, and I always ask for physical copies of my favorite books for Christmas. I haven’t bought a book for myself in years because I always read via ebooks through my local library. That said, I find that I want to re-read some of my favorites, and asking for the physical copies lets me do that without needing to wait in the library queue again!

A stack of four books, Daisy Jones and the Six, Project Hail Mary, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, and The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue

If you don’t know what books your recipient likes, feel free to peruse my book content here on Fooduzzi for some ideas. If you know that your recipient uses Goodreads or StoryGraph, you could always look at their “To-Read” or “Favorites” lists to buy books they’re already interested in.

And I always suggest buying your books at a local bookstore or Bookshop.org!


I actually received the notebook you see here* as a gift a few years ago, and I love it for journaling. It’s the perfect size to keep on my bedside table, and it just looks really pretty left out. It also has really smooth paper, which… sounds weird but really makes the writing experience feel that much more luxurious.

A teal LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook

If you want another idea, grab fun/pretty/unique pens or pencils to go along with your notebook gift. I love these mechanical pencils*, and I think the designs are so cute!

The Five Minute Journal

Along those lines, I really love my Five Minute Journal*. I got it as a gift a few years ago, and I go through spurts where I use it every single day.

In the mornings it has you write down:

  • Three things you’re grateful for.
  • Three things that would make today great.
  • A daily affirmation.

Then at night, you pull it back out to write:

  • Three highlights from the day.
  • What you learned that day.
A Five Minute Journal on a bookshelf

It’s a simple exercise, but I really do love reflecting like this. Sometimes it’s a bit daunting to look at a blank page in a notebook when I feel like I need to journal, but this structure makes it quick and simple.

A Box of Local Goods

I especially love this idea if you’re seeing people from out-of-town, but I think this is such a special, thoughtful way to show your loved ones some of your favorite parts of your town or city.

There are companies that create curated boxes for you (like this one from Kinship, who gifted me this incredible breakfast box full of Pittsburgh-made goodies!), but you can also put something together using your favorite local foods, knickknacks, and goods.

a box that says "Kinship" on it
a box of Pittsburgh goodies from Kinship

I’m a big big fan of supporting local during the holidays, and this is such a fun way to do it!


If I’m gifted a soft and cozy blanket, that gift-giver instantly becomes one of my very favorite people. Who doesn’t love a cozy blanket?!

a blanket draped over a couch

I have a few in my living room and one on my bed, and I truly couldn’t love them more. Depending on the design, they can look stylish while left out as well.

I actually think I got the one you see here from Costco lol. So while you’re picking up your Christmas dinner ingredients, swing past their blanket section to see if you find one that could work as a gift!

Personalized Goodies

Alright, these gifts can vary wildly in price, and depending on how personalized it is, you may need to plan a bit so that it arrives on time. But man, what says “I care about you” more than something personalized like this?

cutting board with the word "Peduzzi" lazer cut from it

My aunt gifted me this personalized cutting board from Uncommon Goods a few years ago, and I love it. I’ve never actually used it as a cutting board; instead, I have it displayed in my kitchen. It’s a unique, beautiful board, and I always get compliments on it!

I also got some personalized socks with my cat (Maya!) on them for my birthday last year, and they are so fun. I smile every time I wear them.

There are loads of other ways to purchase personalized gifts through places like Etsy as well.

Homemade Goodies

I’m actually doing some homemade good-gifting this year! And yes, my Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments are making an appearance.

a snowman cinnamon ornament hanging on garland

If you paint, draw, or are crafty in any way, don’t be afraid to make something special for your giftee. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift that’s extra special because you made it with them in mind!


This is the gift I love asking for the most. While it is fun to open a few gifts on Christmas, I love it when friends and family end up donating to a charity I love. Most of the time, it’s to a local animal shelter.

An extremely cute calico cat standing on a couch

If you know of a cause or charity that’s special to your recipient, a donation made in their name is an incredibly thoughtful gift idea that can do a lot of good.

And those are some quick and easy (but thoughtful and meaningful!) gift ideas. Are you all done with your holiday shopping? Any other ideas we should add to this list?

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