Roasted Potato Salad Made Easy and Ready to Eat

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Roasted potato salad was born out of my desire to switch up an old classic. Potato salad is hands down one of our fave summer salads. Okay so when the temps go down, I switch from the traditional version to this roasted one.

I discovered this recipe by accident. One night, we had roasted potatoes for dinner. A few days later, I noticed that there were a lot of potatoes left over. I really didn’t want to just reheat them and serve them again. I asked hubby if he had any ideas. We both agreed to use the roasted potatoes with our classic recipe.

Roasted Potatoes Are the Star

My family is from the south. I have spent years around the potato salad debate. Who makes it better?Don’t get me to lying! One of the main challenges I always have with potato salad is when the potatoes are soggy. Yep. I like firm potatoes in my salad. No one wants mushy potato salad!

My recently roasted potatoes were new or baby and perfect for our experiment. They showed up firm and tasty when mixed with the other ingredients. I seasoned the potatoes before they went in the oven. Then, I added more seasonings to the actual roasted potato salad for even more flavor.

Just like the traditional version that we make, this recipe calls for mayo and hard boiled eggs. If you want to veganize it, go ahead. Skip the eggs, use a plant-based mayo and enjoy!

Verdict Is In!

My family loved the remixed version of potato salad. We appreciated the savory flavors, the creaminess and the chunky style in general. Don’t feel stressed. Roasted potato salad doesn’t make you work harder. Instead of boiling the potatoes as a first step, you will simply roast them. What’s cool is that you can roast potatoes for one meal and make a salad with them for the next. Just like we did!

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