Seasons Greetings for a Beautiful Holiday from Gym Insight!

Dear Gym Owners and Gym Dreamers,

Your business means everything to us. You are the independent fitness club owner with the courage and conviction to work relentlessly for your own success.  It’s a great story, one we cherish hearing every day.

At Gym Insight, we sincerely value these long-term relationships with our customers. You feed our most innovative design ideas and keep us excited to create — and re-create — the best gym management software on the planet.

This may be because we’re a lot like you — a privately held company growing with a single purpose — to bring profitability, automation, and control to the all-consuming world of gym ownership. We strive to be a force multiplier, helping gym owners fulfill their life’s work without struggling against impersonal monoliths. 

Gym management software done right

You may not know our backstory, but Gym Insight emerged from frustration with what passed for gym software back in the early 2000s. Our founders owned five gyms and had run out of patience with the payment processing companies masquerading as gym software firms. 

There was no one providing good, member management software focused on increasing sales and freeing gym owner time. Instead, it was a constant tug-of-war between the software’s ulterior motive — absorb profits — and our desire to keep costs down and run our gyms efficiently. 

Fortunately, Gym Insight President Lawrence is a trained software engineer. In 2008, he put his degree to work and designed software for his own clubs. After “eating his own dog food” for nearly three years, he began installing it in other gyms. The results were instantaneous — these clubs doubled and tripled memberships within the year. 

The mold was set — we were ready to become a gym management software company.

Since 2010, we’ve gained a reputation as a leader in gym software design and customer service. This could only be possible with your support, for which we are extraordinarily grateful.

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We are living our purpose for the greatest good 

Our company believes we are here for a reason and that our life’s work reflects that purpose. Choosing to create great software was not about upstaging the next company. It has been a quest to make a difference in the lives of businesses, just like yours.

In this colorful season of joy and reflection, we would like to say thank you for believing in us. Your success is wonderful to celebrate and we are supremely grateful for your presence in our lives and within our company. From our team to yours, we wish you and your loved ones a holiday season of warmth, happiness, and peace. Thank you again. It’s been an awesome ride. 

God Bless, Merry Christmas, & Happy Holidays

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