Sora Boru – Tasty Japanese Faves and Unique Creations!

WE’VE FOUND IT! Our new favourite go-to place for Japanese food! We’ve found.. we’ve found.. Sora Boru ❤

Sora Boru is CERTIFIED HALAL and it’s already become super popular! It’s easy to see why – they serve really delicious Japanese food at really affordable prices! Besides your faves, you’ll even find some pretty unique creations too. They’ve now got TWO outlets so take your pick!

If my limited Japanese (and Google Translate) does not fail me, Sora Boru translates to ‘Sky Bowl’. And that’s what you’ll find plenty of – DONBURI (丼) aka DON aka Rice Bowls! I count no less than 17 different Don on the menu plus plenty of noodles and side dishes too!

For now, let’s start at the.. start. And that means.. their signature dishes!

Volcano Don

This is just ONE of their signature Don at Sora Boru – the Volcano Don!

A bed of Japanese rice is topped with thin, tender slices of beef which are flame-grilled fresh with each order! The beef is topped with a chili sauce (that kinda simulates the volcano lava lah!) that’s a little spicy and a little sweet. You can choose either beansprouts or stewed cabbage to finish off this awesome bowl.

I REALLY loved the beef on this one. Tender and flavourful especially with the sauce. I was conflicted whether I should eat the rice and meat separately or just mix them all up (kinda like Korean Bibimbap style). But then again – enjoy it as you like because there is no right or wrong 😛

Snow Don

At the other end of the spectrum, we have the Snow Don. It’s not named after your favourite Game of Thrones character but rather for the toppings that adorn the top of this ‘mountain’.

Japanese Rice with your choice of vegetables and again topped with freshly-torched beef slices. This time, instead of the fiery red sauce, you get a white creamy sauce that’s actually quite milky (that’s the best way I can describe the flavour LOL). They also add Parmesan cheese (like macam snow!) which gives a nice contrast of salty and sweet.

This is another one of those times when I have a hard time deciding which one to order because they’re both so good. Normally I’d order both but the Regular Size ($13.50) serving is pretty generous! Luckily, they have a Mini Size ($7.50) which is great if you wanna order a bigger variety of dishes!

Unagi Tamgo Don ($19.50)

If you’re a lover of Unagi (like Ross from Friends ?), you’ll be happy to know they have a really good Unagi Don at Sora Boru 😀

The Unagi has no traces of any fishy flavour (which I’m sure you’ll agree is super important lah) and a light coat of Teriyaki sauce gives it that salty-sweet kick we love. Served with some Tamago strips atop a bed of rice. I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you to enjoy this while hot-hot and shiok-shiok 😛

Bara Chirashi Ebimayo Aburi Don

Here’s one of my personal favourites from our meal. It’s not really a classic but it combines some of my favourites elements in a rice bowl!

Y’all might be familiar with the classic Chirashi Don right? It’s basically a rice bowl topped with chopped up fish/seafood (commonly Salmon and/or Tuna) along with other goodies like cubed Tamago and cucumber for a fresh finish. Well, at Sora Boru, they take it a level up 😀

The Bara Chirashi Ebimayo Aburi Don is your fave Chirashi Don but topped with – Mentaiko! Okay lah so they’re calling it Ebimayo Aburi but you know and I know that Ebiko + Mayo + Torch = MENTAIKO! 😛 And what a super delicious serving this was. Super sedap and extra Ebiko on top for good measure.

Breaded Ebi with Shabu Beef Curry Don ($14.50)

Any fans of Japanese Kare in the house? You’ll probably know it can be pretty challenging to find an authentic serving of Halal Japanese Curry some times. With at least 7 different Kare dishes at Sora Boru, perhaps you might find your new favourite here.

We had the Breaded Ebi with Shabu Beef Curry Don which I would considered a pretty up-sized serving since there are TWO proteins to enjoy. Very filling! 😛 Japanese Curry traditionally tastes like your standard curry but more on the creamy and sweet side so you’ll get quite a contrast of flavours here.

Besides this one, you might also consider the Breaded Salmon with Shabu Beef Curry Don, Chicken Katsu Curry Don, Chicken Karaage Curry Don, Breaded Ebi Curry Don, Shabu Beef Curry Don or the Breaded Salmon Don to satiate your Japanese Kare cravings.

Create Your Own Chirashi Boru

One of the more interesting options at Sora Boru is the chance to CREATE YOUR OWN CHIRASHI BORU! You call the shots are you build your own rice bowl from scratch 😀

First choose your size – either Mini ($9.50), Regular($13.50) or Large ($16.50) and then your base of either Sushi Rice or Mixed Greens. Next, you can choose your fish – either Salmon, Scallop, Tuna, Octopus or Swordfish. If you’re feeling extra hungry, you can add extra servings at $3.50 each.

Add-ons are next with plenty on the line including Hanjuku Egg (MUST HAVE!), Tobiko, Tamago, Kani and Edamame among others. Last but not least you choose your sauce – either Sora Soy Sauce (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!), Sesame Sauce or Spicy Sauce. Finish off with your Garnish namely Roasted Sesame Seeds, Spring Onions or (our personal fave) Tempura Crumbs.

You can pretty much go as crazy as you like and create your ULTIMATE CHIRASHI BORU lah like this LOL 😛

Cha Soba Hot with Chicken Katsu ($12.50)

You’ve probably enjoyed Soba in its more common form – as a cold noodle dish. But have you ever enjoyed it as a hot dish? I’ve only had the chance to enjoy it as a hot noodles dish in KL.. well, until now at least. So if you’ve been putting off your Soba experience because you dislike cold dishes, here’s your chance!

You can enjoy it on its own or go for the set with the Chicken Katsu. The Chicken Katsu is awesome, crispy, deep-fried goodness so of course we’re gonna recommend that 😛 And if you’re a traditionalist, they’ve got Cold Cha Soba too okay don’t fret.

Salmon Avocado Sushi Keiki ($8.90)
Tuna Mango Sushi Keiki

While they do have several Sashimi options on the menu at Sora Boru, they don’t actually have any Sushi. Well, actually they kinda do ah 😛

The Sushi Keiki is exactly what it sounds like – a Sushi Cake. You’ve got a Sushi Rice base (with some Ebiko mixed in) with your choice of either Tuna Mango, Salmon Avocado, Crabmeat Tamago or Chirashi as a topping. It’s actually really creative (and great for your IG Feed LOL). It may seem weird at first but it’s as good as any Sushi you’ve had. But this is in kinda like a cake form lah.

Chawanmushi ($1.90)
Garlic Fried Rice

Crispy Salmon Skin with Egg Mayo Dip ($9.50)

At this point, we wanted to keep going but we were actually getting really full LOL But we could not miss out on a few of their abundant Side Dish choices.

They’ve got a few sizes for the Garlic Fried Rice so you can order to share and pair with a number of other dishes too. We’d highly recommend the Crispy Salmon Skin with Egg Mayo Dip 😀 Although I did find the pairing with Egg Mayo Dip (instead of a Mayo or Wasabi May Dip) a bit odd, it totally went great lah!

You can’t go wrong with more traditional faves like Chawanmushi and Miso Soup of course. Others like Edamame, Saba Shio and Chicken Gyoza are just a few we missed out on for this visit. To be honest, if we had the rest of the food we wanted on the menu, it’d be enough for a whole separate post! 😛

The menu choices at Sora Boru are abundant. I’m pretty sure there are more than a few choices for everyone to enjoy. From creative new dishes to classics we’re all familiar with, it’ll actually be hard to resist ordering half the menu or even more! So gather up the gang and feast while you lepak and catch up at Sora Boru.


313 Orchard Rd #B3-19/20 S 238895

3 Gateway Drive #01-08S 608532


Operating Hours:
11.00am til 10.00pm DAILY



We were invited to this meal on a no-obligations basis. We’re posting about it because we enjoyed it very much and good things must share lah right? All information (including prices, availability of item on menu and Halal status of establishment) are accurate at the time of posting. All photos used in this site are property of The Halal Food Blog unless stated otherwise.

First published: 28 October 2019
Last Updated: 16 January 2022

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