Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot – A Feast of Flavours!

One of the greatest pleasure in life is indulging in an awesome meal. A meal that has plentiful ingredients, delicious flavours and of course – a comforting and satisfying meal. Even better if we can share the meal with family and friends am I right? Well, Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot ticks all those boxes!!

I’m sure y’all remember the buzz online when Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot was certified Halal last year right? Well, it looks like the buzz was justified because Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot has been getting great reviews! They now have 2 outlets – HomeTeam NS Khatib and Safra Toa Payoh 💥 We are all eagerly awaiting news of more outlets.. hopefully in the East *ahem*

So how exactly does it work at Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot? It’s really simple! It is ‘buffet’ style so when you indulge in a Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot buffet meal, you get PLENTY to enjoy. You can choose up to TWO delicious soup bases (refillable anytime!), all-you-can-eat fresh beef, sliced chicken and home-made fish paste plus unlimited servings of over 38 different hotpot ingredients including seafood, meatballs, vegetables (including assorted mushrooms!), tofu and even a choice of noodles too! On top of that, you also have the option of some Premium ingredients available at a small top-up!

I finally gathered up some of my makan kakis because I was feeling like indulging in some flavours of Thailand. Plus, Hot Pot is like super comfort food for me so I was planning to slurp up a storm 😝 So here’s how our epic Hot Pot feast went!

Red Tom Yum & Sweet Basil Chicken

Khao Soi & Clear Tom Yum

The first big decision you have to make is – which soup base to choose?? The good news is that it’s a split pot so you can choose up to 2 different soup bases. That’s prefect if you have some who prefer spicy and maybe the others don’t. Or if you just want double of your favourite, then just choose both to have the same soup base LOL

They have SIX different soup bases to select from – Red Tom Yum, Clear Tom Yum, Tom Yum Yen Ta Fo, Sweet Basil Chicken, Khao Soi and the classic Chicken. We actually selected 4 different soup bases and they were all so delicious that we kept dipping into each others’ pots 😂 But that’s the whole idea right – sharing a big meal together makes it even more enjoyable and delicious!

We had 3 different types of Tom Yum – the Red, the Clear and Yen Ta Fo (which has elements of fermented beancurd). I know there will always be the debate on which is better and there is truly no right or wrong answer. Just choose which one you like best. For me personally, Clear Tom Yum just hits differently… SUPER SHIOK!! The Sweet Basil Chicken was also really good and I think might have an edge of the classic chicken. But the big surprise was actually the Khao Soi! It’s actually a creamy curry kind of soup base. A little bit of spicy, a little bit of sweet and a lot of sedap! So addictive that we found ourselves slurping up more and more.

Whichever soup base you choose, don’t be shy to just indulge and slurp it all up. The soup bases are refillable anytime! Just alert the friendly staff and they’ll come and pour more into your pot.

Premium Wagyu Beef

Chuck Roll
Short Rib Slice

Calling all my fellow meat lovers!! So many ingredients to enjoy at Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot but I simply must have my meats!! Savour in plentiful servings of Short Rib slices, Chicken and Beef Chuck Roll! You’re gonna find it hard to stop I guarantee it.

And remember I mentioned those Premium ingredients available at a top-up? Well, just add $10.90 to enjoy access to the Premium range of ingredients and that includes the awesome Premium Wagyu Beef 😮

Tiger Prawns
Premium Clams & Mussels
Assorted Squid
Home-made Fish Paste

Home-made Prawn Balls & Chicken Balls

I know y’all also very kuat makan seafood right 🤣 feast to your heart’s (and stomach’s) content! Loads of seafood (both normal and premium) to be enjoyed including squid, Tiger Prawns, Clams (my fave!), Mussels, Dory Fillet, Home-made Prawn Balls & Chicken Balls and this Home-made Fish Paste which you scoop out straight into the soup base to cook and enjoy.

I don’t about y’all but I like to add as much stuff to the soup base as possible to cook at any one time. I find that this makes the soup base more flavourful as the time passes and even more shiok to slurp up!

And last but definitely not least on the list of ingredients to add to your hot pot meal… there’s a wide assortment of meatballs including chicken meatballs, mushroom balls, seafood balls and much more. There’s even one where it’s kinda like a meatball stuffed with more meat inside LOL

Let’s not forget to also add loads of vegetables ok! Assorted mushrooms and greens are a MUST HAVE! Plus other goodies like sweetcorn, pumpkin squash, tofu and loads of green leafy veggies. Be sure to also select your favourite noodles! I personally got for the instant noodles because it just goes so well 😬

There’s also something that I haven’t mentioned so far in this post but may very well be the most important part of the meal next to the actual hotpot itself… THE SAUCE!!!! Yes, you get to choose from a selection of sauces PLUS you even get to combine and concoct the sauce of your (hotpot) dreams. Choose from the classic Jaew, Seafood, Sukiyaki, Spicy Yen Ta Fo and Fish Sauce. PRO TIP: Combine your sauce with the condiments at your table including chopped garlic, coriander and chili padi! I went with the classic combo of Sukiyaki with loads of fish sauce, chopped garlic and coriander for the ultimate dipping sauce! Some sesame oil would have made it absolutely perfect! So what’s YOUR sauce combination?

Once you’re all done with your epic hotpot feast, finish off with some sweet Thai treats! Mango Sticky Rice, Khanom Tako, Khanom Chan and Cassava Cakes are ready to be enjoyed. The Drinks & Desserts are available FREE FLOW with an add-on of just $4.90 which is super worth it (especially if you drink a lot like me LOL).

That’s the pricing for Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot. As you can see, it’s super affordable especially since it’s a FREE FLOW of ingredients for your hotpot plus unlimited top-up of soup bases too. You can always choose a few add-ons like the Drinks & Dessert plus the Premium Items add-on at $10.90 per pax as well. If you’re hungry and in the mood, then I say go for it and make it an extra satisfying dining experience!

Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot also has a special promo on now – DINE FOR FREE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!

– Valid for dine-in only.
– Minimum 2 diners, including the birthday baby to enjoy the promotion.
– Available in Suki-Suki Thai Hotpot HomeTeam NS Khatib and SAFRA Toa Payoh.
– Not valid on Public Holidays, Special Occasion (e.g Mother’s Day) and the respective eves of
– Offer is valid only on regular buffet, not applicable for additional top-ups (e.g. premium top-ups)
– Valid for the whole birthday month. Valid ID bearing the birthday of the celebrant must be presented to enjoy the promotion.
– This promo not to be used in conjunction with $20 birthday voucher, other discounts, promos, offers or any card privileges.
– Not applicable for private events, or bookings of more than 8 pax.

A very spacious dining area and for the time being, just relax and place your orders – the friendly and efficient staff will attend to you and bring your food to you at your table. Convenient locations too with public transport literally a stone’s throw away. Be sure to follow them on their socials to keep updated on upcoming promos ok!

I have to be honest – as I typed this post out, I am already making plans for my next visit. Hot pot is such an enjoyable experience and I really love it. It’s a great chance to catch up with loved ones over some good food plus the whole communal dining experience just makes it all the more shiok to me. Don’t you agree? 😉

Tel: 6908 5616

2 Yishun Walk #01-01 S 767944

293 Lor 6 Toa Payoh #01-04 S 319387


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