Switch Gym Software Now! Five Reasons Gym Insight is the Best Choice in Gym Management Software

When we started this blog in 2011, Gym Insight was a young company — barely three years old, and still beta testing much of its software. Today, we’ve installed our health club software in countless gyms while cultivating the passion for ingenuity and improvement that brought us here today. 

Here, we shamelessly pitch why we (still) believe we offer the best gym management software on the market. 

1)  FREE United States-Based Customer Service 

This seems like an unusual boast but, truthfully, local customer service is not so common. Our highly praised customer service team is located in the Continental United States and is available 24/7, across Eastern and Pacific zones. 

Gym Insight Customer Service:

  1. Does not charge for customer service software support or training.*
  2. Stays with you through the install, ensuring your software is fully active, from logo placement to document uploads. 
  3. Works alongside the tech team after the sale as your primary point of contact throughout the data transfer. You’re never in this alone! 
  4. Is available to your entire staff. No need to run interference just to fix a small problem.

2) Per-month pricing model

Our industry is dominated by payment processing companies who went into the gym management industry so they could pick the pockets of gym owners. They insert hidden fees and take percentages of every transaction, creating a labyrinth of concealed costs. Our model is completely different! 

  1. We offer fully customizable pricing with a rate lock guarantee!
  2. Our monthly fee is based on the number of members — as you grow, we grow.
  3. You pick the payment gateway – we have no access to your charges or bank accounts.
  4. No contracts. Ever. 

3)  No third-party applications

Other companies — and we won’t name names — grow by acquisition. To offer a new service they buy the technology from another vendor and “plug it” into their product. Which means sometimes the systems work together and sometimes they don’t. At best, it’s a wonky experience. At worst, you’re calling outside companies trying to fix one part of your member management system, losing customers, time, and patience. 

Gym Insight designs all its applications in-house and has since day one. After all, we were founded by an entrepreneurial computer engineer frustrated with his gym’s software choices. 

Our seamless integration includes:

  • 24-hour digital keytag or RFID door-access systems with member photos. Always know who has been in your club, at all times. 
  • Trouble-free door access — Our software works perfectly with access control hardware because we are a certified hardware integration partner with HID Global — the best hardware manufacturer on the planet. 
  • Simplified sales — Sales Guru© is a comprehensive sales solution that automatically uploads customer information and contracts, streamlining the sales process. 
  • The Member App — a free, mobile-based app that makes new member sign-ups and customer communication easy. 
  • Easy, all-in-one payment processing — Manage member accounts from a single point. All information is fully integrated into Insight’s software. 

4) Constant Improvement

Since we went live, our credo has been persistent, unrelenting progress. From designing a wickedly simple user interface to creating our own SMS messaging system, there is not a corner of our software not under scrutiny. While other companies’ software turns stale and clumsy, ours is always in beta mode as we respond to requests and suggestions from our customers. 

For example, our gym owners asked for an easier way to take a bulk action against a group of members. This could look like: “I need to remove door access from specific members.” In response, we redesigned our report modules to be capable of retrieving data via a rich selection of filters. The owner can then use that report to perform any bulk action, from sending messages to cleaning up delinquent accounts. 

5) Technology designed to free time and increase profits. 

  1. Health club software that tracks your sales, employee commissions, and personal training sessions moment-by-moment, and compares these to established monthly sales goals. 
  2. Automated, filter-rich reports including email capabilities. 
  3. Member management software with daily tasks integrated into sophisticated retention tools designed to alert you to which members or accounts are in need of attention. 
  4. Web-based sign-ups and automatic 24-hour gym access through secure digital keytags.

Thanks for reading our blog. We could chat all day about our awesome gym management software, but don’t take this writer’s word for it. Call us today at 855-FOR-GYMS and set up a FREE demo. Let us show you how our software has turned around struggling gyms, and made superstars out of thriving clubs. Ask for Anthony or Natalia, or visit our social media pages. 

*Other fees may apply. See pricing page. 

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