Textbooks shaping a Graduate in Food Science

The most important and must-have textbooks for a food science graduate (student in graduation ); A successful food science graduate should keep in hand the Textbooks. Perhaps before and after coming out of the university.

Areas in food science and processing are mainly covered in it. Every aspect of food technology and microbiology is detailed for a college student to uncover.

According to the best syllabus it should contain:

  • Food science and processing
  • Microbiology of food
  • Chemical analysis and instrumental analysis
  • Food Chemistry
  • Nutrition
  • Packaging Science of Food
  • Food Safety and Regulations.

Food Science – Book by Norman N Potter is the most-read book in Food Science and Technology. All commercial food is detailed and described. Mainly, advanced Processing and methods in food technology are explained. Recent emerging technologies are essential for a food science graduate to come out successfully. Therefore Norman N Potter is the best author who can help you!

Food Microbiology is a must-know field for a food science graduate to perform microbiological analysis in the food industry. So in order to educate one in microbial terminology; a must-book. Definitely must have because it includes technology in food preservation essential to formulate a commercial food.

A first course in Food analysis; a student who knows basic qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis gets a good start in food analysis. One gets a good knowledge of food analysis from it. This helps in food analysis techniques required in a laboratory. This book is an all-time favourite for a food chemist or food quality controller in the food industry.

Nutrition science book must-have for a food science graduate. Details the nutrients and dietetic techniques required for a food science graduate. This book helps in menu planning and diet formulation.


Textbooks Shaping a Graduate in Food Science is the first step towards building a strong foundation in this field. These educational resources are carefully curated to provide students with in-depth knowledge and practical skills. Let’s dive into the key topics covered by these textbooks, ensuring you’re well-prepared for a promising career.

So pack your daily set of books for a bright future in Food science and technology. You have a varied set of disciplines to choose from after graduation.

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