» The Best of 2023: Guest Posts

The Best of 2023: Guest Posts

Written on December 28, 2023 at 5:29 am, by Eric Cressey

I’ve already highlighted the top articles I put out at EricCressey.com in 2023, so now it’s time for the top guest posts of the year. Here goes…

1. Grip Strength for Baseball Hitters – Physical Therapist Dan Swinscoe writes about how we can better prepare our hitters’ hands and wrists for the demands of baseball.

2. Combining Physical Assessment with Motion Capture to Optimize Pitching CuesCressey Sports Performance – Florida pitching coordinator Matt Hinkley discusses how we create synergy across departments by integrating our strength and conditioning evaluation with our markerless motion capture technology from Theia in order to individualize coaching interventions with our pitchers.

3. 10 Nutritional Considerations for High School Athletes with Dan Rosen Cressey Sports Performance – Florida strength and conditioning coach Dan Rosen guest hosted this podcast for me. Dan heads up the nutrition coaching for our athletes at CSP-FL, and I asked if he’d be up for delivering important nutrition messages for the younger athletes (and their parents and coaches). He came through with an excellent summary of the basics – and more importantly, some actionable items relating to them.

4. Pitch Grading: a Stuff+/CSP+ Case Study – Pitch grading is a hot topic at the high levels of baseball right now, and while it can be super helpful for guiding players to best evaluate their pitching arsenal, it can sometimes lead you down confusing rabbit holes. In this video, Hinkley provides some context.

I’ll be back soon with more highlights from 2023.

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