The Case Against Copper: Unmasking the Hidden Secrets of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis – Episode 157: Dr. Rick Malter

Join us as The First Lady of Nutrition welcomes Dr. Rick Malter, a well-respected top authority on hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) and the author of the groundbreaking book, “The Strands of Health: A Guide to Understanding Hair Mineral Analysis.” Discover the surprising copper connections to female contraceptives, water pipes, and vegan diets and their potential contributions to a range of physical and psychiatric disorders. Could your ADHD, bipolar, or depression be linked to excess copper? Ann Louise, a long-time advocate of HTMA, engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Dr. Malter, unraveling insights from his 30+ years of research. Dr. Malter emphasizes how mineral imbalances, like copper excess, can impact thyroid and adrenal function, cardiac health, glucose regulation, and even contribute to issues like alcoholism. Delve into the fascinating realm of mineral balancing as Dr. Malter sheds light on these imbalances, including stress-induced magnesium depletion and its role in mental and physical health challenges. As Dr. Malter aptly puts it, “minerals are the spark plugs of life.” Discover how a simple hair analysis can be your key to understanding and regulating optimal health and wellbeing.

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