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Keep Moving to Curb Cancer 


 A recent 20-year-study highlighted in Arnold’s Pump Club Newsletter found high-intensity exercise significantly reduces the risk of metastatic cancer. These are the cancers that have spread outside the initial cancer site, such as lungs, liver and lymph nodes.

Turns out that our body builds a “metabolic shield” that researchers hypothesize actually helps our bodies build an immune system that “recognizes and eliminates cancer cells,” as reported in the Cancer Protection Plan article. This function seems to induce changes throughout the body that protect against tumor development in humans. Study participants who exercised at higher intensities saw the greatest reduction in risk — 73% — although even walking can offer significant protection against metastasis. 

Our bodies are pretty quick to realize the benefits of exercise, too. Another study review showed regular exercise is still the cornerstone for the prevention of non-communicable diseases. Seems our entire body, from the cardiovascular system to the brain, creates long-term adaptations in response to regular exercise, improving cardio fitness, physical function and glycemic control, all of which contribute to keeping us healthy and strong.

Intermittent Fasting vs. Dieting

A year-long randomized controlled study showed intermittent fasting and calorie-restricted diets share similar weight-loss numbers. In other words, both were found effective in reducing weight by about the same number of pounds.

However, the main advantage to fasting may be that it is just easier. Sticking to eating within a four-to-eight-hour window rather than counting calories is less trouble, making it more attractive to the average dieter. Time Restricted Eating, as it is also known, is shown to reduce blood glucose levels as well — an added benefit not expressed by traditional dieting. 


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