The Travelling Spoon 2023 Edition Is Here!

A year ago, we were introduced to The Travelling Spoon – convenient and tasty ready-to-eat (RTE) meals that became a fast favourite. Well, GREAT NEWS! Fans of The Travelling Spoon can rejoice because they are BACK with a new range of RTE meals to enjoy 🙌🏼.

For the 2023 edition, we can choose from not just one or two but FOUR different offerings from The Travelling Spoon. Whether you’re in the mood for noodles or rice, there’s a great variety so there’s something for everyone to enjoy 😁. Super convenient as always too! Just a few minutes in the microwave and you’re all set to enjoy!

Killiney Traditional Laksa
Rumah Makan Minang Ayam Belado with Nasi Kuning
Beach Road Prawn Noodle House Prawn Noodle Soup
My Kampung Chicken Char Siew with Fragrant Rice

And of course, The Travelling Spoon range always aims to showcase delicious local flavours. So, they have once again partnered with some of the best homegrown brands to bring us this delectable selection. We’re talking about brands that take extreme pride in their food and aim to showcase this in the 2023 edition of The Travelling Spoon.

Indulge in familiar, favourite local flavours paired with the convenience of enjoying it on-the-go, Plus ALL The Travelling Spoon RTE meals are CERTIFIED HALAL! This means we can enjoy dishes from brands which we normally would not be able to 💪🏼. Let’s run down the 4 different meals shall we?

First up is the Killiney Traditional Laksa which is brought to us from the Killiney brand. Laksa is one of their signature dishes and you can savour the creamy, comforting, satisfying flavour of traditional Laksa. Slurp up these noodles bathing in a rich coconut gravy (wah my mouth is watering as I type this LOL).

It even comes with shrimp, fishcake and quail egg too. To be honest, this was my favourite among the 4 different RTE meals. My fellow Laksa lovers – this is a satisfying serving of this classic dish we can enjoy on the go!

Here’s a brand I’m sure many are familiar with especially when it comes to traditional Malay food – Rumah Makan Minang! We can now enjoy their Ayam Belado with Nasi Kuning in RTE meal form thanks to The Travelling Spoon!

Tender baked spiced chicken topped with their signature Sambal Belado with an omelette on the side. As fiery as it looks, don’t worry! It’s got a kick but won’t overwhelm you so even those who prefer milder spicy levels will find this agreeable. Just the right balance of spiciness and flavour in this satisfying serving 🔥.

Here’s another dish we can now enjoy thanks to The Travelling Spoon – the Beach Road Prawn Noodle Soup. This is bound to be a big hit with many I’m sure! A hearty broth plus springy noodles is an automatic win.

The Beach Road Prawn Noodle Soup is brimming with flavour, thanks to the prawn & chicken broth plus fresh whole prawns and chicken slices make this a hearty meal guaranteed to satisfy. Slurp this one straight into your heart (and tummy!). Comfort food vibes for sure 🥰.

Plus, because The Beach Road Prawn Noodle House is not certified Halal, this is the perfect chance to enjoy their delicious noodles because The Travelling Spoon works with Beach Road Prawn Noodle House to bring a Halal version for us to enjoy.

Last but definitely not least in the line-up is the My Kampung Chicken Char Siew with Fragrant Rice. If you’re a fan of Chicken Rice then this is definitely up your alley for sure. As y’all probably know, I have a soft spot for Chicken Char Siew and often prefer it over regular Chicken Rice 🐔.

Fragrant rice paired with that sweet and savoury Chicken Char Siew is awesome! There’s also quail eggs and some vegetables on the side too. And I have to give extra points because the vegetables was perfect and not tough to chew at all.

I’m still amazed at the variety of dishes we can enjoy from The Travelling Spoon. All certified Halal of course and on top of that, it’s SUPER CONVENIENT to enjoy! Just a quick pop into the microwave and a few minutes later, we’re tucking in to a hot and hearty meal. Whether we’re at home, in the office, in a rush or on the go, we can enjoy a meal that’s not only simple but sedap 😁.

I remember how much I enjoyed the original range from The Travelling Spoon when they first launched last year. Awesome that they are upping their game with a wider range and variety of products this time around. I’m even more excited to see what else they can come up with for the next edition hopefully! 💪🏼

You can find The Travelling Spoon’s products at 7-11 stores islandwide for a limited time. They are available from now til 5th September 2023 while stocks last so hurry and enjoy while we still can! Here’s hoping they will extend the run! And also even come up with a new range for us to enjoy in the future too!


The Travelling Spoon is BACK! Bigger, better and tastier than ever with FOUR new ready-to-eat dishes for us to enjoy 🙌🏽 Whether youre craving for Traditional Laksa by Killiney, Ayam Belado with Nasi Kuning by Rumah Makan Minang, Prawn Noodle Soup by Beach Road Prawn Noodle House or Chicken Char Siew with Fragrant Rice, they’ve got you covered! Plus this is the perfect chance to enjoy Halal-certified treats that are not normally available to us like the dishes from Killiney and Beach Road Prawn Noodle House 😁 Find products from The Travelling Spoon at 7-11 stores islandwide. Hurry becaude they’re only around for a limited time period ok! 😁 @The Travelling Spoon – SG #halalfoodsg #sgfoodie #tiktoksg #fyp

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