Watch This Tour of The Yo-Kai Boba Robot at CES 2024

In what seems to be an annual occurrence at this point, this year Yo-Kai introduced a new robotic food kiosk and drew huge crowds at CES. This year, it was the company’s new boba robot, which features the ability to cook boba inside as well as prepare both hot and iced drinks.

The Spoon dropped by the Yo-Kai booth to get a video tour of the new boba-bot with company CEO Any Lin. When we broke the story of the Yo-Kai boba-bot a couple of weeks ago, we revealed that the company planned to open up a new sales channel by embracing small business owners through franchises. According to Lin, one of the reasons this new appliance helps make this possible is, unlike the ramen noodle bots that helped the company make a name for itself, the new boba bot only uses room-temperature, shelf-stable ingredients. That means they can ship ingredients to users without requiring large-scale cold chain logistics networks, a requirement which often necessitates bigger partners.

Whether you’re a small business interested in franchising a Yo-Kai boba machine or just a boba-loving nerd, you’ll want to check out the video below.

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