Why do people hate vegans? (Why are people so mean to vegans?)

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written by Nina Shantel, blog: RealDietHelp.com, published September 26, 2023

Why do people hate vegans so much that people go out of their way to be rude to vegans.

I’ve been called ignorant, an extremist, orthorexic, a tofu lover, a tree hugger, and have been told I promote unhealthy eating because I eat a whole-food, plant-based, oil-free, vegan diet and share information on why animal products, processed foods, sugar, GMO’s and oils are harmful.

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I’m not referencing the people who respond in anger to a nasty or sarcastic comment from a vegan, or vegans who demoralize others who eat whatever they want.

I’m specifically talking about the people who go out of their way to attack vegans who merely explain why animal products are harmful to human health, animals, and the planet.

One reason for these attacks is that veganism can be characterized as a religion because it’s a way of living. Vegans are “they or “them.” Vegans are non-conformist outsiders. People who are different are often demonized.

I think anti-vegans have so much hatred towards vegans, is because they don’t believe they can give up eating animals.

Now, before you tune out, hear me out.

How many times have you heard someone say, “I could never be vegan. I could never give up meat.”

Ordering someone to do something they believe they “cannot do,” would make anyone angry. You are telling them something they don’t want to know about. They may be angry because, how they can accomplish this impossible, unreasonable task?

I too, used to think I could never go vegan because, years ago, I thought vegans subsisted on salads and fruit.

Let me give you another example as to why I believe the reason people hate vegans is because they believe they could never give up eating beef or chicken or eggs that has nothing to do with veganism.

When I tell people that oils are not healthy and should be omitted entirely from the diet because oils can cause inflammation, blocked arteries, heart disease, insulin resistance, weight gain and lower immunity, I get an enormous backlash, even from vegans. People are furious at me for telling them that the oil they cook their foods in is harmful and they cannot use it anymore.

Why are they mad & refuse to believe me when I tell them oil is harmful to their health? Is it because they have not heard this information before? Possibly, but maybe they are angry because avoiding oils would mean they cannot eat most foods at restaurants, eat meals at their friends’ homes, and cannot make their favorite dishes the same way.

Vegans who are angry that they are told not to use oil, is the same reason why omnivores are angry at vegans: we are taking away customs, traditions, favorite foods, and making their lives more difficult.

Avoiding oil is much more difficult than avoiding animal products at restaurants or in packaged foods.

The same comparison can be made when people hear that any amount of sugar or alcohol is harmful. They don’t want to give up sugary desserts or a bottle of beer or a glass of wine with dinner.

People joke that, how to know a person is vegan, is that they will tell you, but the same can be said for people advocating a ketogenic diet. The keto crowd will tell you that meat is healthy, and carbs are the real enemy, which is the opposite of a vegan diet, which is why the keto clan hates vegans.

Why are keto folks attacking vegans? A vegan diet means keto is wrong, meat is wrong, avoiding carbs is wrong; in essence, they are wrong. No one likes to be wrong.

I’ve been asked, “why do you care if someone else eats meat?” My response is “Because I do care. People needn’t suffer. It is our right to learn the truth: oils, dairy, and animal flesh are the reasons why people are ill, in chronic pain and cannot lose weight.”

But no one wants to hear that their bad habits are the real reason why they are in pain, and on medication.

Pain is your body communicating, “I can’t take this anymore. Please stop!”

No one wants to believe that everything they have heard their whole lives, that we must drink milk for calcium and eat meat for its iron and protein, has been a lie.

If everything you’ve believed your whole life is a lie, then who are you going to believe? What is the truth? The people that are supposed to care for you, such as doctors and the government, have been feeding you lies for profit and power, is hard to swallow.

When someone hears they have a disease, they will go through stages of grief, which are the same stages someone goes through when they learn that the foods they thought were okay to eat, are what is causing all of their physical problems and pain. Giving up favorite foods elicits a feeling of loss (7).

The normal first response to grief is denial so it makes sense when a vegan tells someone that animal protein is toxic, they will deny it. After denial, the next step is anger (7). The information is upsetting, and this is where people lash out.

Another stage of grief is depression, finding out foods you like is off limits feels like a loss (7). This is why some diabetics drink soda and don’t test their blood sugars; they are stuck in a depressive stage and don’t make changes to their diet or bad habits.

The last step in the grief process is acceptance: acknowledging that foods we enjoy eating everyday are harmful. The mantra I tell myself when I’m upset that brownies and fried food is harmful is: it is what it is (7). We cannot make things true by wanting it to be true. The facts are not for or against us, they are just facts. Water is wet. Vegetables contain essential nutrients. Chicken is dunked in chlorine to reduce salmonella, e-coli and listeria (1).

The meat packing industry uses hazardous chemicals like ammonia and chlorine, which harms workers and people who eat meat. I didn’t obtain this info from PETA, it’s from OSHA. “An increased risk of lung cancer has been reported in meat and poultry processing workers.” In addition, animals transmit pandemic flu virus to each other and to humans (2).

When I learned that animal flesh contains saturated and trans-fat, cholesterol, endotoxins, hormones, chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, viruses, and bacteria, I did not want to be anywhere near a dead animal, let alone, eating a dead carcass.

Anger and actions need to be redirected to those who are hurting us and lying to us: industry. Big business and big pharma coerce politicians and government, pay for studies to manipulate the data to confuse the public, so we keep buying their products.

The pharmaceutical industry props up the dairy industry, sugar industry and beef industry, to name a few, because if people keep eating those foods, people will be sick, and sick people need drugs. If people aren’t sick and fat, few people will need pharmaceutical drugs.

Nonprofits are guilty too. They take industry money to stay in business. The National Multiple Sclerosis society states on its website that “…a healthy diet…can also impact a person’s MS progression and lifespan” (3).

But they don’t explain what exactly a healthy diet is; they don’t tell people suffering with MS to avoid dairy, oil and animal products even though studies have shown that a low saturated fat diet can reduce and possibly reverse MS. Animal products, dairy and oils are high in saturated fat.

The National Multiple Sclerosis society does state to “Incorporate colorful fresh fruits and vegetables daily….choose whole grains over refined grains and avoid/limit processed foods and added sugars as much as possible.” That sounds like a healthy vegan diet to me (4).

This pervasive system of omission and deception, most people are unaware of.

It’s wrong to hide the truth.

It’s wrong for people and animals to suffer. This is why vegans speak out.

Doctors don’t tell people to avoid animal products and oils because they weren’t taught that these foods cause disease. Doctors were taught that if a drug cannot cure a disease, then it is incurable.

I asked my endocrinologist why he doesn’t tell his patients what to eat and what not to eat. He told me he gave up giving dietary advice because his patients told him, they just want a pill.

Doctors are influenced by pharmaceutical companies, the media, have bad habits and make mistakes, all the time, just like the rest of us.

We need to stop putting doctors up on a pedestal. They are human. A 2012 study found that over 50% of primary care providers are overweight or obese (5). Why would they they give dietary advice if they can’t follow it themselves?

Many of us have forgotten that doctors used to promote cigarettes and were solicited by cigarette companies.

Medical professionals who smoke cigarettes…”doubted the connection between smoking and disease [even] after 1930.”

Advertising cigarettes was a good source of income for medical journals, “…as well as many branches and bulletins of local medical associations.” If journals publish articles that mention that dairy and meat is harmful to heath, those advertisers will pull their ads and the journals won’t have funding to exist.

In an article published in 2021, The National Institute of Health pored over 245 studies of close to half a million physicians and found that 21% of physicians still smoke cigarettes! In that article,  “…it has been demonstrated that physicians who smoke are less likely to promote quitting smoking to their patients.” So, it makes sense that doctors who eat dairy and animals, wouldn’t promote a vegan diet. If the doctor cannot be vegan, why would he think you could? (6).

There’s a reason why vegetarians and vegans are less likely to die from cancer and have type 2 diabetes, it’s because of what they aren’t eating; they aren’t eating meat, poultry, eggs, or fish.

People who avoid animal products are reversing type 2 diabetes, MS, RA, Lupus and other diseases, daily! These are the same diseases the doctors tell people are incurable, yet follow-up autoimmune tests after someone strictly follows a plant-based vegan diet, showing no antibodies, prove the doctors wrong, yet the doctors refuse to believe it!

If bad genes were causing disease, then every woman with the BRCA gene would get breast cancer, but they don’t. Certain genes increase the likelihood of a disease, but genes don’t cause disease, it’s lifestyle that does: smoking, alcohol, drugs, dairy, heavily processed foods, eating animals and not eating enough fruit and vegetables.

A family who has a history of disease continues generations of disease because the food traditions of the family has been passed down: pork chops, hamburger helper, sloppy joes, birthday celebrations with pizza, soda and ice cream; baseball games with beer and hotdogs, football and nachos, Thanksgiving with turkey, ham, pecan pie & mac and cheese. Dr. McDougall is right when he says, “it’s the food!”

Being vegan in a society where the majority of people are not vegan is a challenge, but that can evolve if more people change their food choices.

Most vegans don’t believe they are superior. They are animal advocates who truly want to help people have optimal health and want to save our planet.

If you’re not vegan, and aren’t ready to make the switch, eat less animal products. Start by swapping bacon and eggs for oatmeal and berries, or a whip up a sweet fruit smoothie. Drink almond milk instead of dairy milk. Try out vegan recipes. Read The China Study. Watch The Game Changers.

There are vegan restaurants in most cities. Most supermarkets have numerous vegan meals that can be heated in the oven or in the microwave. There are even delivery services that will make all your vegan meals for you. Vegans eat pizza, burritos and Chinese food.

Reach out to kind vegans.

You can join my Facebook group, make my healthy vegan recipes like my plant-based cheese sauce, chocolatey cupcakes and hearty tacos by heading over to my website: TheHighFiveDiet.com

Vegans don’t hate you. Most of us just want to help.

We may not be able to change the rule of law, or greedy CEO’s, but, as individuals, we have the power to change what we do, which has an enormous impact. It’s estimated that by going vegan, we can reduce emissions by 80%.

Let’s do this together!

Are vegans right? Yes! Vegans are right. We were designed as omnivores for situations when plants foods were scarce and we needed to eat animals to survive. No one should eat animals or drink animal milk with today’s abundance of food options. Animals bread for slaughter, milk, their flesh or eggs, are treated inhumanly, and eating animals harms humans, animals and the planet. Animal protein contains saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, heme iron, endotoxins, hormones, chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, bacteria and viruses, all which contribute to disease, autoimmune disorders, obesity, pain and suffering. Humans can get all the nutrition one needs on a low-fat, plant-based diet, and can thrive and live longer on a vegan diet.

I’ve updated the Healthy & Clean Vegan Cosmetics list by removing the items that are discontinued and adding some new favorites. Check it out:


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