Try this WOD based workout, you will find these and similar exercises in the Wake Up WOD classes we have at tfd with Alfie, Sam & Tabby!

1. Cardio HIIT

  • Choose your favourite cardio machine.
  • High intensity periods followed by low intensity periods.
  • 20 seconds of all out “high intensity” work followed by 40 seconds of low intensity work.
  • Do this 15 times = 15 minutes of great cardio!!

2. Barbell Clean

  • Starting in deadlift position (knees bent, hinged hips and the bar near your knees).
  • Push the floor away from you and drive hips forward, using the hips to “POP” the bar up while shrugging shoulders at the same time.
  • As bar approaches mid torso, flip wrists under bar and catch bar on top of the front of your shoulders with your elbows high and knees soft.

3. Kettlebell Gorilla Row

  • Using 2 kettlebells, hinge at the hips with soft knees.
  • Kettle bells should be touching the floor when you initiate movement.
  • Have a flat “neutral back” not rounded.
  • Using elbows to row the kettle bell upwards.

4. Standing Barbell Shoulder Press

  • Tense your glutes and tighten your core throughout this movement, this will help with stability.
  • Hold barbell just above clavicle (collar bone).
  • Making sure elbows and wrists are in alignment, push barbell overhead.
  • As the barbell passes your head, your head should naturally come forward, so you get to the top with hips, head, elbows and wrists in a straight line coming from the ground.
  • Control the descent from the top of the movement. Your head should again naturally move backwards when the bar comes down.

If you enjoyed these then give one of our Wake Up WOD classes a try:

Wednesdays 6.30-7.15am with Alfie

Fridays 6.30-7.15am with Tabby

Sundays 8.30-9.15am with Sam

Let us know how you find it and tag us on social media in your sweaty selfies!

Blog by Alfie Griggs – Personal Trainer (AGA personal training)

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