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Have you ever heard of YRI Bakery before? Well, you may have actually enjoyed some baked delights from YRI Bakery before without even realizing… YR Industries is actually a wholly owned subsidiary of Yellow Ribbon Singapore (YRSG)! 😀

What started as a humble workshop in 1976 has today bloomed into so much more. It’s through YRI Bakery that inmates have the opportunity to pick up baking skills and more. This, in turn, helps in their rehabilitation and job prospects when they have completed their stint. In fact, the Halal-certified YRI Bakery churns out a wide array of baked goods daily!

I’m talking about a wide range of breads from sandwich loaves to bread rolls, Sourdough bread to Charcoal bread and even baguettes! They’ve even got a plethora of cookies and brownies too! But with the season coming up, I wanted to showcase one of their specialties – Mooncakes!

YRI Bakery has a series of festive treats including Christmas delights like Stollen & Gingerbread treats and even CNY treats like Multigrain Cheese Pineapple Tarts too. But when it comes to the Mid-Autumn Festival, you can bet that Mooncakes are definitely the order of the day 😀

I had the honour of sampling some of the Mooncakes from YRI Bakery and FUYOH they were really good! 💥

ICYMI these Mooncakes were expertly crafted by Changi Prison inmates. I could tell the effort and discipline put in by the inmates to not only learn the craft but also execute it at an expert level. In fact, I’d be willing to say that you would not be able to tell the difference between these delicious mooncakes and those you would find anywhere else. Power standard!

With such quality, it’s easy to see why YRI Bakery is a trusted name. Plus, when you purchase these YRI Bakery Mooncakes, part of the proceeds will go to the Yellow Ribbon fund. This means you get some tasty treats AND support a great cause. 🙌🏼

Blissful Reunion ($42.80)

First up was the Blissful Reunion – full-sized traditional mooncakes which had Lotus Paste with Single Yolk. You can’t go wrong with a classic in my books and this one really hit the spot. Smooth Lotus paste which was not overly sweet. And I’m not going to lie – my favourite part was obviously the salted egg yolk that gives you that nice flavour contrast with the Lotus paste.

They also have Double Blessings (White Lotus With Double Yolk) and New Beginning (White Lotus with Melon Seeds) in the same range as well. Prices are $46.80 and $38.80 respectively.

Abundant Life ($38.80)

Next up was the Abundant Life set which were these cute little Mini Mooncakes which comes in a variety of flavours. A total of 8 Mini Mooncakes (2 of each flavour) means you get to enjoy several different specialties and also perfect for sharing too.

The 4 flavours included in the Abundant Life set are Yuzu, Yam, Black Sesame and White Lotus With Melon Seeds. My whole family had a chance to sample these mooncakes and I don’t think we’d be able to narrow down to just one specific favourite flavour. They were all tasty in the own way!

That’s another thing that’s good about the Abundant Life set – there’s something for everyone to enjoy. And since they are Mini Mooncakes, all the more you get to enjoy more without the guilt 😇

Well, there you have it folks. An amazing range of mooncakes just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Expertly made and an easy choice especially with the many different varieties for you to choose from. Whether it’s for a gift to loved ones or just personally stocking up for the season, these mooncakes from YRI Bakery are an amazing option.

Plus don’t forget – when you purchase these YRI Bakery mooncakes, you’re also supporting  good cause. Proceeds from the sale of these mooncakes are channeled towards the Yellow Ribbon Fund and its beneficiaries.

To place orders for your YRI Bakery mooncakes, head down to https://yribakery.company.site ok! For corporate or bulk orders, you can contact angela_swee@yri.com.sg ☺️. Orders close on 3rd September 2021 so be sure to place your orders ASAP! Enjoy some delicious mooncakes and support a great cause 💪🏼

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